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  • info for ft. rich. moose hunt

    sorry guys but i drew muzzleloader bull for ft. rich.. did'nt get alot of info from fish and game on restrictions/access other than had to check-in every day prior to hunting. anyone hunt this and if so what should i expect. can you use atv, have anyone with me, roads/trails, any info would be appreciated. By the way i'll be using a .50 cal my dad built but never got to hunt with before passing away. i'm very excited.. thanxs

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    I can tell you that you drew an awesome tag but it comes with it's downfalls. Ft Rich can close the hunt down any time the want for training or anything other reason. You will also have to pay a fee and qualify to hunt. There are some whopper bulls on Ft Rich, I saw one yesterday that will push over 60 inches, he had to be close to 45-50 inches already and with over a month of growing left no doubt he will be a big one. Good luck on your hunt.


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      fort rich info

      For more info on Fort Rich hunts, call Dave Battle at 384-3909.


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        Ft rich moose

        I had an archery permit a couple yrs ago & you will learn more when you attend the mandatory meeting on base. That said, yes you can have people with you. You have to sign in at the gate everyday when you go in & they will record if you have others with & how many. You will be registered for your usar trak - land access permit system & that will have a phone # that you call in before going on base & it will tell you what units are open & usually on Fridays the update is good for the entire weekend.
        When you get you poor map of the unit boundries & roads, ( I heard they were improving them so hopefully they are better now ) I would spend a little time driving around out there so you can familiarize yourself with the units & have a back up plan if the unit you want to hunt is closed.
        As far as 4 wheelers go I canít tell you one way or the other. However I would think they would allow them if you are registered, licensed & follow their rules which I think is a mandatory helmet & safety class or something like that. But again this last part is just speculation on my part.
        Have fun it is a great hunt


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          Ft. Rich Hunt Meeting

          All of your questions will be answered at the mandatory meeting, which is very thorough and informative.

          What you really want/need is the set of grid coordinates to the great area I found last year. But I'm pretty sure you'll find a great place of your own.

          Super hunt, congratulations!



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            Do what Hillbilly says

            The conservation officers on Fort Rich are a wealth of info. They are very pro-hunter and WANT you to be successful. I had the archery tag last winter. The help I got was invaluable.


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              This place...

              Wow. Now this is what you're looking for.
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                Or look for this...

                Taylor...I'm surprised you didn't draw a Ft Rich tag of some sort!!
                These are Ft Rich bulls...picture taken a few years ago. 2 of those boys are pretty hefty...
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                  Is there any way to enlarge that image?


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                    I can't make it much bigger here...

                    Matt...I tried a larger image but it was over the size limit. I know that one is a little doesn't do the bulls justice. I can email it to you if you like in the normal format if you PM me your email address. It's worth a closer look in the big picture.


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                      Got lucky myself

                      I got drawn for the Ft Rich muzzleloader moose as well. Ya much time as I've spent stomping around on the North side for small game and fishing, I honestly don't remember coming across many bulls. Some cows but can't remember any bulls. Anyway, Do most folks hunt the North area (Malemute, Clunie lake, etc..), or do they hit the area East over on the golf course side. Personnaly I think I'm going to hit the area North of the Eagle River Flats and North of Malemute.

                      Ya's a little sad in a way. My father and I got our muzzleloader certification and we both always put in for this hunt. Never did draw. He passed away June this year after battling advanced Parkinsons and a brain tumor, and I end up getting drawn.

                      This one's for you Dad.


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                        thanks guys for the info. awesome pictures, just gets you pumped looking at whats out there waiting. went to sportsmen warehouse amazed at all the bullet/powder choices now. 1st muzz. was t/c traditions about 12 yrs. ago & used ball/patch. anyone have exp. with new sabots/powders out now? new gun uses shotgun primer if thats any help.


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