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Draw Permit Keni Bou, looking for advice

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  • Draw Permit Keni Bou, looking for advice

    I just found out that I was one of the lucky ones and drew a permit. I'm looking for input. I know that there are restrictions on Resurrection Trail regarding motorized transpo. I have had some suggest that horse back might be the way to go instead of a drop off plane service. Anyone hunted the Keni herd?

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    Kenai Herd

    I have not hunted this but in doing some research in case i did draw the permit most people responded to my inquirys with something to the tone of "you must like to torture yourself". From what i have heard from successful hunters horseback is the proferred method. If you cannot afford or arrange for horses be prepared for some serious hiking. The averages i heard for those who were successful was 10-15 miles pack in and then a hellish pack out if your by yourself look to do however far you pack in 2 or 3 times roundtrip. I am assuming this is why most people don't hunt after they draw the tags.


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      Check out this link
      They should be able to give you some info. Good Luck.


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