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  • nelchina

    Well i have finely gotten my nelchina permit again. It has been several years with out one. Does anyone know where the bulk of the heard has been the last couple of years? Has anyone seen them down by Hicks creek pinacle pass? We use to always go there and see them but i have heard they are know longer in that area? Any advice on locations would be appreciated. Thanks Chef viktor

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    I saw a huge amount of caribou a few weeks back down near the Little Nelchina about 2-3 miles west of the Monument trail plus there were scattered bands all over the place. With that being said, i was in there on the 4th and saw only 1 but I didn't look real hard for them either. You know caribou, they like to roam and can be found just about anywhere up there.


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      It's funny you mention Pinnacle Creek as that was the area my uncle shot a huge bull that went into the B&C book. An amazing shoulder mount.


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        During the first season, the bulk of the herd will always be found in the Alphabet Hills.
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