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limiting hunting to an area picked

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  • limiting hunting to an area picked

    If i remember correctly some time ago there was either a motion or discussion on having hunters pick an game unit to hunt in. This area would then be the only area that they would be allowed to hunt in. Has anyone heard any more of this regulation or has this died? just curious as i have not heard much about this for a while. Chef

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    I think this has to do with trying to fix the Tier II permit system and it all died in committee.


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      Wildlife Tech

      That was part of a plan to change the Nelchina Tier II caribou hunt. You would have to declare yourself a tier II hunter and then would only be allowed to hunt in the tier II area you claimed. This plan is still out there, but is a part of a ongoing committee plan to "fix" the tier II system. We may see this resurface in the near future.


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        the way to fix it

        is to toss it completely. draw permits are the only fair way to go. all that crap they dreamed up about not allowing anybody with a motorhome or a camper to participate is ridiculous. the whole thing(tier 2) needs a serious legal challenge.


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