Sad News - Fellow Sheep Hunter Dies Training on Flattop



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  • Sad News - Fellow Sheep Hunter Dies Training on Flattop

    It saddens me to say that a good friend and fellow sheep hunter Gene Bryner died yesterday while training on Flattop. He is a true inspiration to how long we can hunt if we put in the effort. He was 75 and training for this fall's sheep hunt, with a new partner. His long time sheep hunting partner that is a couple of years younger had to finally give up sheep hunting due to back problems. In the last few years he has been featured in the RAM magazine as the "Old Goat". It is unclear if he had a heart attack before he fell or if just simply slipped. He was a man who truly believed in God and loved his family. He will be truly missed by all who knew him.

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    Sorry to hear about your friend and fellow hunter. It sounds like he is Home now. May the Lord comfort his family and friends during this time of loss.
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      Sorry to hear of his passing. The articles featured some nice rams they had taken. Very inspirational to see those older fellows out there still doing it.


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        A Sad Farewell To A Fellow Sheep Hunting Enthusiasist

        I met Gene and his hunting partner Bob several years ago in Tok waiting to fly in for a sheep hunt. Over the years we crossed paths coming or going in Tok or out on the strip waiting for the 206 after being dropped off by the cubs. Both of these guys became my inspiration; to be able to sheep hunt well into your 70's. We shared our addiction to the majestic rams and the mountains they live in. I remember Bob talking over lunch, the one at Fast Eddies you think about the whole time you are in the mountains, that he had told his wife he would quit sheep hunting once he had taken the proverbial 40" ram. After taking one that was pretty darn close, and most hunters would proudly claim to be 40", he called it 39 15/16 just to make sure he was in the mountains next year. This was the attitude and conviction that Gene held and conveyed to others.
        Sheep hunters are a rare breed, not a day goes by that we are not counting the days untill we are donning our packs and climbing the mountains that will take us to the holy ground that is the domain of the Dall Sheep.
        Gene will be missed by all that new him and I will share a prayer with him in August when I am once again in the domain of the rams.


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          Additional Information about Sad News

          For what it is worth, the medical examiner did determined that Gene did have heart failure before his fall. Also the second hand report I have heard is that Gene was on his way down the mountain and had stopped and was sitting holding his chest before he fell. Gene was very careful when climbing and it would have been a surprise if they did not determine that he had some sort of heart problem before he fell.

          My condolences to his wonderful wife and family.


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            RIP, sad news
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