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Help In Setup Of New Alaska/African Rifle

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  • Help In Setup Of New Alaska/African Rifle

    I am one of those members that lurk in the background of this forum. I have been monitoring for a long time both here and at the old forum.

    I would like some advice from you guys. I am wanting to purchase a SS/Syn 338 or 375 to use for a trip to Alaska and/or Africa. I am planning on a trip in 2007.

    All my rifles are blue with either wood or synthetic and I would like to purchase my first SS/Syn rifle. I am leaning toward the Sako Hunter 75 375cal. SS/Syn that is hard to find because they are phasing it out in favor of the new Hunter 85.

    The Sako Hunter 85 375 will not be available for at least a year, but I have read a few reviews of the Hunter 85 SS/Syn in other calibers. The reviewing people were not too impressed with the Controlled Feeding magazine saying it may be more hassle that it is worth.

    So any comments on the Sako 75 375 SS/Syn or even speculations on the Hunter 85 would much be appreciated.

    Murph, I know you are a world expert on Sako products so if you have time, I would appreciate it. Especially in comparision to the Hunter 85 or the Kimber Montana 338.

    Also, there are many other Experts here that I love to read. PLEASE chime in!!!!

    As always I will lurk and watch; but I would like to move fairly soon because if the Sako Hunter 75 375cal. SS/Syn is a good decision, there are very few left and I would need to move on it.

    Also, any suggestions for other manufacturers would be great.

    Thanks so much guys, I do appreciate all your efforts.

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    SS/S rifles are ugly.

    I'm a pretty wood/deep blued kind person.


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      Check out the Montana model 1999 barreled action in stainless, with a McMillan stock. This would make a high quality controlled feed 375 HH.


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        MT Rifleman

        I second the Montana Rifleman suggestion. I have a .375&H stainless with a Wayne York (Oregunsmithing) synthetic stock. Nice workmanship. Very happy with the barreled action as well as his stock.



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          Sako Hunter 75 SS/Syn

          Well we had some good recommendations for Kimber but has anyone had any exposure to the Saki Hunter 75 SS/Syn? Especially the clip/magazine? I have not heard of anything really, but I am always a little nervous of a magazine.

          Also, did the rifle sell well with hunters? Some say it is really ugly, others say not.

          Plus, I am think I may get a Leupold 2X6 VarX 3 scope. Any recommendations for a scope?

          As I said I plan on either a Alaska or African trip next year. I am sure the 375 is good for Alaska but is it under gunned for Africa?

          I am trying to find a good Africa forum, but have not yet. So if there are goods ones out there please let me know.



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            I third the MRC stainless and McMillan combo. This can be bought for under $1,400. But you will wait approximately 5 months for the stock to arrive.


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              I third the MRC stainless and McMillan combo. This can be bought for under $1,400. But you will wait approximately 5 months for the stock to arrive.
              375 H&H is a great caliber. But if I were going to hunt buffalo and elephant I would go with the 416 Rem Mag or the 458 Lott.


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                Originally posted by fecampbell
                I am trying to find a good Africa forum, but have not yet. So if there are goods ones out there please let me know.~F
                Try here:
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                  try the shooting forum...

                  i'm sure you'll get some great suggestions over there. good luck, whatever you choose.



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                    stainless in Alaska

                    I have a browning stainless stalker and haven't had any problems yet and they do make it in 375h&h with or without the boss system, but you don't really need stainless if your just coming up for a hunt. Personally I don't think you need stainless at all unless maybe you live along the coast.
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                      Rem 700 XCR 375

                      I have the Rem 700 XCR in 375...great gun, performed well on spring bear hunt. Very light but recoils hard!
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                        Alaska/Africa combo

                        A client of mine had an interesting caliber on a spring brown bear hunt this year. He called it a .416 Taylor, it's a necked down .458 Win Mag. Did a number on a brown bear. I don't know much about the round, but it will feed out of a short action (not the new super short actions). Looks like a potent option.


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                          welcome to the new board. i hope to hunt with you next year.
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                            Thanks I have decided

                            I appreciate all the excellent suggestions and I did follow up on those to see if they are a good fit for me.

                            I have purchased a new Sako SS/Syn 375 Hunter 75. The 375 Hunter 85 will not even be manufactured until mid 2007. I wanted a very good quality manufactured rifle, and Sako fit the bill. Others did too, but finding Syn/SS 375's is really not that easy. So you have to work at finding them.

                            I have a mint, very nice Sako wood/blue 338 WM carbine (like NIB) that is an absolute tack driver. It is the most accurate rifle I have ever owned. But I wanted a Syn/SS rifle that I could use in Alaska and Africa. One I could work and not worry about the conditions. Even saying that, I am very particular to keeping the rifles in good shape, but with Syn/SS it will make much better.

                            I also seriously thought about a .416 Rigby, but felt that may be a little too specialized for me whereas a 375 at the global level is somewhat like a 30-06 here in the lower 48 states.

                            I am now researching the hunt for either 2007 or 2008. I may be too late for Africa in 2007 but I am not too late for Alaska.

                            But thanks for the advise, please keep posting I love to listen and hear others thoughts and ideas.

                            Again thanks


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                              A good 30-06 in Win 70 Classic Stainless CRF (Control Round Feed) with the BOSS and a leupold 3x9 Scope in Leupold mounts would be great.

                              The Fed Prem ammo 180 gr with Nosler Part or Accubond bullets fits the bill for the ammo.

                              Unless you are gong after big costal bear the 30-06 is plenty!


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