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    I finaly drew a permit. It is a cow permit for point Mckenzie area! Does anyone have any advice for this area? I have hunted the power lines to the border in the past, but am wondering if any one knows a better area? My faith has been restored in the permit system as now after twenty years i finally drew a moose permit! Chef

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    chef - I don't have any specific spots for you, but just wanted to reassure you that you won't have any problem at all. I was out hunting near there (about 15 miles away) around the 25th of August last year and saw 8 cows in a day and a half of hunting. I'd go out right at the beginning of the season so as to find less competition, but either way you should be fine. Congratulations, and I'm insanely jealous!



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      Should be an easy hunt


      Congradulations! That should be an easy hunt. I always see lots of cows out that way right off from the road. Last year on opening day of rifle season that is all we seen (we were going fishing for silvers). There is an small lake off to the left hand side as you are heading west on Pt. McKenzie road and there seems to always be a moose in it or near it. Good Luck!


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        You got a really easy permit and you won't have any problems filling the freezer. More than likely you'll end up seeing one from the road and getting one that way. But if you want to get out and stretch the legs a bit, then walk down either side of the powerlines a bit and just sit down by a swamp and watch. You'll see them cross back and forth eating over and over again. I know Point Mackenzie by the back of my hand. I guess that's one of the rare benefits of living down KGB road most of my life.


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