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Illuminated Reticles on your scope

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  • Illuminated Reticles on your scope

    I'm considering purchasing a new scope for my long range shooter. Are illuminate reticles legal to hunt with in AK? I know is some states they are.


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    Yes, they are.


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      Illuminated Scope Suggestion

      I Have A Burris Signature Series 6x24 On A 300 Weatherby. It Has Performed Flawlessly For 3 Years Of Heavy Shooting. It Has The Electrodot Illuminated Center. It Is Small Enough That It Doesnt Obstruct While Target Shooting And Puts Off Alot Of Light. The Light Is Adjustable From Dim To Brighter. Burris Has A Lifetime Warranty As Well And I Hear They Stand Behind Their Products As Good As Anyone. Just Thought I Would Throw It Out There Since You Are In The Market. This Is A Phenomenal Scope. The Best Prices Are At Midsouth Worth Looking At. Good Luck. If You Really Got Money Look At Nightforce. The 50 Bmg Shooters Literally Worship This Scope. About $1300 To Start Off.
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        Illuminated reticles were, for a time, technically illegal in Alaska(truely depended on who you asked and their interpretation) they are legal(pg15 of the regs, I believe).

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          Illuminated reticle

          I haven't been able to justify this one up here yet. Way too much residual light into the night during season. Any decent non-illuminated reticle can handle it.

          In winter we have reduced light, but good transmission because of snow cover and it's ability to brighten your sight picture.

          Your call, but adds weight and I really can't think of an instance when I needed one.



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            According to the hunting regulations, if I well remember illuminated reticles are legal in Alaska. What is illegal is the use of any artificial light that projects out and illuminates the game. So if you use your car's lights, a flashlight, a laser pointer, or any artificial light that projects, that's illegal. You should check with F&G to make sure.

            You can legally take game using daylight or moonlight, because these are not artificial lights.

            Other than that, I agree with Mr. Taylor. You don't really need an illuminated reticle in Alaska, because of so much daylight. However, there are scopes that have illuminated reticles that can be turned ON when you need to. This may help when it's too dark to see the reticle. I killed a moose a few years ago at 9:30 PM, and I still could clearly see the reticle. I do use a Red Dot sight on a .22LR pistol I use to hunt grouse with, and only because I can pick the bird as it stands still in the shade. I would not want it on my rifle, dough.


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