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Kodiak Bear that got away

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  • Kodiak Bear that got away

    Here is the 10ft bear that got away. This bear came within 30 yards of us as soon as we unloaded the floatplane in Three Saints Bay. Didn't even have the rifles out of the case yet. Good thing he wasn't hungry for humans. I took this from the video I was shooting.
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    The taxidermist says...

    from the looks of the bear on the video, there can't be more than 3 or 4 bears taken per year of that size with the quality hide that it had. Not taking this bear will haunt me for years.


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      you could not have taken that bear could you have? You can't fly and shoot the same day right?


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        We knew that we couldn't take the bear. That is what sucks. I know that my partner and I still have ethics. There were several guides that told me on the plane ride back to Anchorage that they would've shot the bear. I told them that there was no way I could. Gotta stay within the law.


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          guides openly talking about illegal activity?


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            That is a pig, nice to see though you didn't get to take him.


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              I guess a lot of people are unethical...and that means some guides too. You would think that they would have the utmost respect for the laws of the land, but apparently not. It's a shame. To be exact, it was 1 guide on Kodiak who told me he would've shot, and then a guide and an assistant guide on the plane ride back to Anchorage told me the same thing.


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                You all sound surprised that a guide would say something like that, i've heard it from them and some air taxi operators as well. A few years ago myself and 2 friends of mine had to shoot a bear in self defense, when the air taxi operator landed he asked us why we had the bear, we told him what happened and he said and I qoute "if it were me, I would have burried her right where she lay and kept my mouth shut". That was not even an option for me and I told him so, he and a few other operators have told me how much they hate bears and wolves, some pretty interesting conversations!


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