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    I just moved to Anchorage and am looking for places to shoot a pistol. I have been to Rabbit Crk range, but would prefer a more secluded location. I am from the prarie of Montana where you could take the backroads and walk up a draw and find a perfectly safe area that wouldn't bother anyone else's hike or fishing trip. Any locations near anchorage where that are a safe option? Thanks

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    Where to shoot?

    If you're military, you can shoot on post at the sport fire range, or you can go to Birchwood Rec Range off North Birchwood Rd North of Eagle River.
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      I read that, but I am would rather not deal with the range procedures each time I shoot. I understand the value of spending time on paper targets but sometimes I am looking to knock a can around against a side hill, or set up a few milk jugs during a walk.


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        Get outta the Muni.

        Unless something has changed since I lived there, you're going to have to get out of the Municipality of Anchorage for that. I believe local law prohibits discharging a firearm within the Muni except within the confines of a shooting range.

        Anchorage is one of the largest municipalities in the country as far as square footage goes, so you're looking at getting well into the mountains, down onto the Kenai, or up in the Mat-Su valley. Although you might just wanna check with the borough attorney's office up there, too. Somebody told me they were tightening up on homemade shooting ranges up there.

        Lots of guys on this board live in the Mat Valley. I'm sure they can set me straight about that.


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          I usually got out to the valley to shoot...most of the time sutton..but they have it closed off to trucks and cars due to the coal fires they are tryin to put out. Lots of poeple use to go out to jims creek but they are really cracking down out there due to the stupid poeple that like to go out there. BUt i agree the valley is the place to go if you dont want to shoot at a range..Shoot safe!
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            thanks for your help


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              No to Knik, Sutton or any other place than a range

              Please dont go shooting out in Knik, to many people riding and hiking, the other day I stopped a couple idiots from shooting and a kid came walking out 20 yard from them, then I left and ten minutes later there were more smart people shooting in the same place. Best place to shoot is at the range, period.



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                No to not shooting

                I wouldn't recommend Jim Creek (knik area), because of the crowds. However, you can safely shoot in the valley, you may have to walk back in a ways, that's part of getting away from the range though. I used to be able to safely shoot in my yard, times have changed, now I have to travel about an hour from the house to shoot comfortably and safely. I wouldn't stop practicing with my firearms because other folks are idiots. Shoot safe. Range is also an option, but not your only option.


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