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I'll be accompanying a bison hunter

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  • I'll be accompanying a bison hunter

    Some one I know was lucky enough to get drawn for a bison permit this year.
    Can a person carry a gun while he is accompanying a bison permit holder who is hunting bison? If so, are there any situations where Fish and Game would approve of the non permit holder shooting at the bison; such as having a wounded bison about to enter the trees?

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    I don't think you could find any reg, law, etc. that prevents a person from carrying a gun in the woods/tundra, except places like Denali Nat. Park.
    That being said, one needs to be careful when accompanying a hunter. Depending on how much you assist in the hunt, a trooper could find you "hunting" without a permit.
    As to the back up shooting, perhaps we could use guides as an example. They regularly back up clients with follow up shots. I've been told by a guide I worked for that once an animal is hit, the "hunt" is over. Your now recovering a wounded animal. Just about anything goes, and in your case, you could certainly help to bring the animal down.
    Probably would be best to check with law enforcement to get thir take on all this.
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      When your friend goes to the bison hunt seminar he can ask at that time but like MT said, I don't see why you shouldn't be able to back him as long as he shoots and hits the animal first.


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        Delta Bison Back up

        My wife had a bison tag in Delta some time ago. They allowed a back up shooter. I went and carried a firearm with that in mind. She never needed my help though. :-) Gotta love a wife that can shoot.
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          Back up shooter

          When your buddy goes to the class in Delta, he'll watch some videos and fill out a form with his/her info.: weapon type, ammo type, walk/drive/atv, AND the back-up hunters same info as well.
          The back up hunter (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND) should accompany that buddy to the class. It's information is crucial to identifying a legal animal if you have any doubts. Sometimes it IS VERY DIFFICULT to determine certain bulls from cows. Some hunters have been unsure and took their "backup shooters" advice only to shoot the WRONG bison anyways. NOT GOOD!!!CYA Brutha!!!!!!


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            Yes, you can have and use a backup hunter, they encourage it for a couple reasons. First, a wounded animal that gets away does no one any good. Second, if the permit holder has gun problems and can't take the second shot, the back-up can. The back-up hunters gun must meet the same minimum required, fire a 200 grain or larger bullet as the permit holder does. At the orientation meeting they will also highly encourage the two shot method.
            Bison are one tough animal and if they get into the trees, they are almost impossible to follow, you want it down asap.
            I had a bison permit (bull) last year and probably the toughest thing is the sex id. Not that an experienced hunter can't tell a bull from a cow in most any breed, but rather the fear of god that fish and game puts into you. It can be hard in many cases to id one from the other, especially if the bulls in a herd are with a bunch of 6-7 yr old cows. That's about the age where they are simular in size. There aren't a lot of old bulls, they get taken out every year so you won't see many of them. The 3-6 yr olds are dominant.
            If you want some info feel free to email me.



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