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POW Deer Hunting Mid-August

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  • POW Deer Hunting Mid-August

    Will be on POW Island the third week of August for deer hunting and some part-time fishing. I followed the suggestions of previous forums and purchased a map of the island, checked out all the archives, made my ferry reservations, etc. Now I need some help as to where to go on the island. I understand the alpine is where I need to be for deer hunting at this time of the year. I would like to find a location where I could hike in several miles and not worry about running into a cabin or a float plane full of other hunters/fisherman. A place that is also a good fishing area would be a great bonus. Perhaps if you ever plan to hunt in Maine I could help you out. Thanks!!

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    August Bucks

    You won't find many logging roads up high. You can just pick a mountain and head up there. Most don't have FS Cabins on them. I would use a GPS and/or flagging tape to mark the route I took up. Come back down the exact same way.

    Most alpine areas can be reached in under 4 hours hiking. You must give yourself enough time to hunt and make it back to the road before dark. August offers longer days. A backpack camp is a good way to go and spend several days on top.

    Temps will be warm and bugs will be bad. Meat will not hold long and must be brought down as soon as possible. Use game bags while boning and watch out for fly eggs.

    There are lots of alpine areas to choose from most anywhere on the road system. But there is a large flat area in the north/central part of the Island. Bucks live there also. Just a little different style hunting than the high mountain stuff.

    Here is one I took last August on a very rainy day on top.

    Good luck ......
    johnnie laird


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      Rainy day bucks


      When I hunt blacktails on really rainy days I usually find the only way to see them is to step on 'em in their beds. Got any tips for rainy day hunters?


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        heavy rain

        I always consider rain advantage hunter .....

        Good on scent, quiet and soft and background noise. During very heavy rain I think the rain drops in the big timber build up big and heavy, by the time they hit the forest floor. The Deer don't like it and they move out into small openings and muskegs and bed in the open rain.

        Wind in the timber can put them on high alert, probably because it is then advantage Wolf.
        johnnie laird


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          muskeg, how are the deer numbers doing on the island? Has POW had any bad winters in the last few years? I know the winters on Kodiak have been light and the deer numbers or on the raise. I hunted out there last year and I'm going back this year. How many pope and young bucks do you normally see during a 6 day hunt on POW?


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