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  • Sheep Hunting Food????

    Hey guys,

    I was wondering if anyone would have any ideas on food that one would bring on a 10 day hunt other than the basic freeze dry. I know that i will be bringing freeze dry, but any other foods that you guys bring that have good protein and carbs.Any help would be great.

    thanks for the help and congrads to the
    draw winners!!!!

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    Coffee, energy bars, jerky, Top Ramen, instant rice, granola, instant soup (kind in the paper packet), and some candy.


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      My Menu

      I pack about 1.5 lbs/day. So for a 10 day hunt I would have about 15 lbs of food. I dole out all my portions before the hunt in ziplock bags. I eat a cup of costco granola for breakfast, with powdered milk mixed in. Just add water, hot or cold. For during the day I have 1 1/4 cup trail mix, some teryaki sticks and pilot bread and 2 power bars. For dinner I have a mountian house. I also have an energy powder like gookinaid or emergen-c every day.


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        sheep food

        Oatmeal for breakfast cashews, dried bananas, bagel, cliff bars, land jagers (meat stick available at Mat Valley Meats).

        With a metabolism like mine, I'm a guy that has to eat regularly to maintain energy levels. More so than my hunting partners, so I generally carry more snack type food than they do.
        Everything that lives and moves will be food for you.
        Genesis 9:3


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          Food for Sheep Hunt

          2 packets of instant Oatmeal and hot chocolate in the morning
          1 Bagel with peanutbutter & jam for lunch (buy the squeezable jam & peanut butter or get the reusable squeeze tubes and fill them yourself)
          1 20 oz mountain house meal for dinner with powdered gatoraide to drink
          2 cliff bars or trail mix to munch on during the day

          Food is one of the heaviest items in your pack but don't skimp to much as you are burning a lot of calories.


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            Nut butters

            Guys I know who climb big mountains say pack a lot of fat. Peanut butter, almond butter, preserved cheese. I'm a big fan of Halvah for trail snacks and desserts (it's like a candy bar made from ground sesame seeds and honey.)

            Fat has lots of calories per unit weight, and it's slow-burning in the body.

            Nuts also have some protein, but not so much that you need extra water to strip the nitrogen.

            The unsaturated fats in the nut/seed butters are easy on the arteries, too.

            Although one friend who climbed Denali had a warning: If you're going in extreme cold, take processed peanut butter. His "all-natural" peanut butter froze solid at 19,000 feet. Skippy apparently doesn't have that problem.


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              I just used this joes moose goo on my last hunt and I really liked it.


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                some more ideas

                Tony Russ' book covers it pretty well.

                I like dried fruit, Clif Shot energy gel, and cous cous (cook it with beef cubes and jerky, it's like food!). Also, there are some pretty interesting
                supplements and protein shakes at GNC. THere is a drink called Endurox R4 that is waaaayyyyy better than Gatorade. GNC has it. A protien shake is a pretty good way to pick up 300 cals as well, and it's no fuss. Just put it in your Nalgene and slam it.

                Stick to the 100 calorie per ounce rule, and I bring 2K cals per day. I can't eat more than that, even hunting all day. I might break down and bring a couple fresh oranges or apples to Cordova this year. That's a real treat 3 days into it!

                My innards are pretty finnicky, so I stay away from freeze dried.


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                  I tried some MRE'S once and almost puked. Freeze dried anything is nasty to me.
                  Try quality JERKY, dried fruit(trail mix) and canned sardines(mustard).


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                    instant potatoes

                    another good item is Paradise Valley Creamy Mash instant potatoes. Costco carries them. the only ingredients are salt and potatoes. premeasure the potatoes, add in some powdered milk and a crushed up chicken cube. Man, that's WAAYYYY better than a mountain house! We eat them at home all the time. Even our baby girl loves them!


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                      here is a weird one

                      I had a bow hunter buddy years ago who insisted that for a week before hunting we gobble handfuls of alfalfa tablets. You can get them at most natural foods places. His theroy was we would smell less like a carnivore. No clue if that works BUT I did notice that it counter acted a lot of the digestional issues a diet of steady MT Homes can create. I take three or four with dinner (about the time I also eat that 800mg motrin). Nice to have something green.



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                        That is weird

                        Alfalfa pellets are what food eats. Cows, sheep, rabbits. But, hey, whatever works for you. So how many calories per ounce of alfalfa anyway?


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                          Veggies are good for you.

                          But the only thing that's gonna keep you from smelling like a carnivore is to stop eating meat.

                          Not as hard to do as you might think. But I prefer to admit I smell like a human - and hunt into the wind.


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                            more alfalfa

                            Like I said, my motivation is to keep everything headed south in a timely manner. Straight dehydated food has caused an issue with that for me. No clue what the caloric value is. I normally shoot for 100 to the oz minimum. but at less than an oz for a 10 day sheep hunt's supply I bring them. YRMV.


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