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    After several dry years I hit 2 of 3 tags applied for--oddly enough both 2nd choices.

    I drew DM920 or the Dalton corridor from Coldfoot to Atigun which is cool because I'm Security for Alyeska and patrol most of that stretch of the road. I have to work the 1st half of the season BUT I get to scout for two weeks prior to my hunt. I saw 4 big bulls from the road last fall in that area so I'm stoked.

    And I drew a fall Kodiak tag for Wild Creek

    Good lucky to all who drew out this year
    If cave men had been trophy hunters the Wooly Mammoth would be alive today


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      Well, I entered three and got one for moose at DM772. This area is on 20A by the Little Delta/Wood Rivers, and Rex Trail behind Delta Junction. Hard to get there, but a friend of mine may be able to take me there in his boat. He got a permit for moose behind Donnelley Dome.

      But first I will try at my yearly hunting area, and go there after the 15th, but only if I don't kill a bull moose here.


      • #63 me at please thanks Jackie


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