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  • Permits are OUT! (Merged threads)

    Good luck all!!!!!!!!!!

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    Think the messed up

    I think they messed up, name not one the list. Good luck all



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      looks like its deer for me agian this winter...hope someone enjoys my buffalo and antlerless moose...dang
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        Name on list.

        My names on the list ... but I wasn't drawn for anything this year. Good luck to the rest of you guys.


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          here's the link for those of you who don't know how to get to it.

          No 20 mile moose for me!


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            Anyone draw

            I have typed 2 dozen plus names and no one has drawn anything, seems odd, its like it hasn't completely updated.


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              They said I won a DS102 permit, but I already knew that. I think it's messed up.


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                hang'n on

                I've run everyone I know and 20 or so random names... I have yet been able to find a single person who drew a spring supp permit...

                I know the main page shows to be "updated" but I don't think the list is accessable. YET....

                Am I wrong.. Is it possible that no one on this sight drew???

                Hold'n out hope... Winmag


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                  i checked a bunch of random names and found three teir II winners but no drawing winners....what are the odds the list ain't actually up yet and we'll all draw tags cause were good people!!! lol still some hope for a chance.
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                    Still hope

                    Keepin the Faith buddy Keepin the Faith!!!!!!!


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                      I ran a bunch of names....only found one with a moose permit. Found several tier II caribou, but only the one moose out of about 30 people. I wonder who is getting all the goods! Chalk up another year of donations for me. (

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                        I noticed that my uncle and aunt got their tier II caribou tags, just like every year. Also saw that two friend's got their's as well. I'm not sure how many years I'll have to live here before I get one (almost 26 years and counting! born up here).


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                          full of it

                          I thought you guys were full of it, but the only winners I can find anywhere are from Tier II and the winter drawing. Something sure seems mixed up. Perhaps they are still double checking the spelling of my name. :-)
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                            My name is posted on the NO PERMIT lines

                            Guess you can't get drawn if you don't put in, and if you do you STILL don't get drawn! haha...better luck next year


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                              I checked 10 people, myself included, who did not draw anything. I also checked about 50 random names and those names did not draw. Add that to everyone who checked the names of others on the other site and still no one one knows anyone who drew. We're talking 100-200+ people who have check for themselves and checked others who did not draw. Can you saw glitch in the system! I'm keepin' my fingers crossed.
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