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1st Haul Road Caribou Hunt

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  • 1st Haul Road Caribou Hunt

    Some friends and I are planning a Haul Rd bou hunt 18-26 Sep. We were considering floating in the 5 miles. Since we have not been up there yet, all the info we have gathered has been from maps. From looking at the map, it looks like you would have to be pretty far south to actually float in.

    I was wondering if some of the more experienced Haul road hunters could let us know if this is even a feasible option, or if it would be better to just walk in the 5 miles. From what I have read on here, bou are not to reliable in their movements, but does anyone know where they generally are at that time of year? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    You can not float in 5 miles off the Haul. You can put in up by Ice Cut and come out north of Franklin Bluffs, however you will never be more than like 3 miles off of the highway. To float outside the 5 you will have to be flown in or run up by river/air boat. Also you never know what the water levels are in the Sag I went up to float it in Sep several years ago and there wasn't enough water, we would have been portaging it every 100 yards or so. Squashed our plan pretty good, we were bowhunting and thought the Sag would provide good opportunities. If you are willing to walk the 5 theres good success if you have patience. Been there done that a couple times, just isn't something I ever want to do again, but I have killed quite a few Caribou that might be why.


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      Thanks for the info. We are willing to walk the 5, that was our original plan to start with. Where would be a good place to start looking for the caribou at that time of year? Another concern I have is my vehicle. I have heard horror stories of vehicles getting messed with while people are hunting. Is this a common thing up there or is it a few widespaced incidents?
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        Haul Road

        Where you walk in depends on where the herd is at that time. You can usually talk to F&G and find out some info on that. They travel a lot each and every day. Patience will play a part in that. I walked in twice by the landfill just north of the Kuparik , but you'll want to walk in where theres good numbers of bou. As for your vehicle, I have never had anyone mess with my rig and have never even heard a story from anyone having their rig messed with that far north. Also be ready for a variety of weather in Sep it can be near 0 degrees or it could be 50 degrees but you'll need to be prepared for the worst. Make sure you set a waypoint from your rig at the road on your way out in case visibility turns to poop and you get turned around theres a lot of open nothing out at 5 miles and many a hunters have had to be rescued because they become disoriented and cant find there way back to the road. No doubt you will kill bou if you work hard but finding a big one is the ticket. Good luck.


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          Lining a canoe

          How about lining a canoe? Is there a smaller drainage that you could line a canoe up 5 miles, then float down?

          Also, I have heard about river boats charging hunters to run them up and pick up, this true? Might be another option.

          Any info appreciated.


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