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  • Bear

    Followed some grizz tracks down the kashwitna river this weekend for a about 3 miles...never saw the animal
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    Kash Bears

    Any size to the tracks? How much snow was up there?
    Just curious...


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      I know of 1 that has been taken in the upper part of the drainage and one that is being actively pursued as I type. Been seeing 'em up there for a few weeks now, along with a healthy number of blackies. Reports I've gotten stated that the one that is down and the one being hunted both were/are on moose kills.
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        kash bears

        How much snow is there still on the river? I usually try to fish the confluence on the 20th but some years i can not get in. Were you up high on the sheep creek trail or did you take the mail trail (or gate) to the lower levels, just curious. Thanks


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          The Gate

          I took the gate back and the I picked up the tracks about a mile back...and followed them across bucket creek and up around jerryannes landing...and the snow started to be a pain in the @$$ so I walked awhile but I eventually just went back to the wheeler but I will be up after him again..
          It's not skybusting if you fold em'.


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            bear kashwitna

            Went to the north for yesterday. The fishing was great. water low you can almost walk across river. I did not see any fresh bear sign The snow is still very deep and the walking was very punchy. It got worse with the heat of the day. No grayling lots of dollies and 4 nice rainbows all caught and released. I think about another week and the bears will be moving as it was fairly warm duing the day. Viktor


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