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Upper Susitna River

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  • Upper Susitna River

    Anybody ever hunted (or fished for that matter) the Upper Susitna River, upriver of where it splits away from the railroad (north of Talkeetna & Chase, roughly straight east of Hurricane)? Where it turns east upstream from the Indian River. Looking at some property up that way and just wondering what the wildlife is like.

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    Upper/Mid Susitna River

    What information do you need? I lived in the area and currently do guided trips (fishing) in the area. There are several private cabins around the Indian, both on the river and where it crosses the railroad, there are also cabins around Gold Creek. You will have no problems finding bears in the area and moose are around but terrain does not make it a moose hot spot. But there are a number of them. Anything else? I will be up in that area in about two weeks. It is a 1.5 hour boat ride from Talkeetna.

    Chad Valentine


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      Upper Susitna River

      Sorry, I've been on vacation for the last two weeks, my brother got married.

      I'm just wondering what the animal outlook is like. I'm looking at a piece of property that's about 2.5 miles from the railroad, so I can get in and out by river or train. It's about 2 miles upriver from the Indian River.

      Would I be any be any better off by going farther up the Susitna river?

      I'm looking at hunting/retirement property that's accessible, but off the beaten path a little bit.

      Does anybody else have any suggestions about areas in AK that would fit the bill? We're talking a year-round residence, so I'm not looking on the northside of the Brooks Range. I'm looking for the best hunting and fishing possible and still be accessible, but off the beaten path far enough that I won't have to deal with road hunters.


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        Hey Chad ,

        Rode up to the canyon the other day , Thought I seen you getting your line wet. Man looked like your the only one that has a boat dock this year. Water is coming up fast though, Put the boat in at the Big Su and by the end of the day today it was really flowing all kinds of trees to dodge , Hey who lost all those 55 gal barrels ? Man I found 3 down towards Birch and one floating in the Su.

        Have a good season Don't out fish Bob too much......... (SMILE) Hey at least you won't see Todd at the secret fishing hole . Bob said Todd was going to be a taco king this summer.



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