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  • Larry Bartlett's Hunt planning service

    Has anyone used Larry's hunt planning service for an unguided moose hunt?
    What did you think? How did your hunt go? Were you away from the crowds? See many animals? IS IT WORTH USING?

    please email me at

    Any info would be great!!

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    I really hate to say this because it would be nice to keep him all to myself. I have used him twice with excellant results TOP NOTCH ALL THE WAY.
    1st trip 4 bou & 60 in moose, 2nd trip 62 in moose & wolf 3rd trip ask me after sept! ..........jeff


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      money well spent

      Larry does a fine job! He has years of experince researching & keeping up with the latest trends of Alaska game animals. The few hundred bucks you'll spend w/ Larry is money well spent.

      Another consideration is that Larry has real life, first-hand, field experince and is well connected to many guides, outfitters, biologists, and air taxi operators that constantly feed him the most current/accurate info.
      There are other companies that have sprung up latey that try to copy his "hunt planner" service, however the one(s) I know are merly desk-jockey's; they might have good communications skills, [smother you with BS], but they really don't have good/reliable/current information to offer you about real-life field conditons, animal patterns & populations, and so on...

      Remember the old saying "a good hunt starts with a great plan"....

      good hunting..>Byron Lamb


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        Larry is a stand up guy that does a lot of research to give his clients the best service he can. Go over to his message board and take a look at some of the things he posts while trying out rafting equipment, etc.,c=gen


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          I have a float hunt in September that Larry planned for me, i've read his books and watched his videos, all I can say is that he is top notch and will take care of you. Larry does his homework and knows his business better than anyone I know.


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            Larry Bartlett

            Larry helped me plan a Caribou float hunt and he was a pleasure to work with. He is very helpful and did a great job helping us out. As a non-resident it is money well spent.


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              Larry Bartlett A+

              My boys and I have a hunt planned by Larry this fall. His material is excellent and he has always been avaiulable to answer our questions. I look forward to this hunt and to using his services in the future. I don't see how you could go wrong here.


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                Top Notch

                Larry is a top notch guy, someone who will not fill you full of bull, like some of the other services. Money well spent.



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