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  • Anyone Here Near Petersburg?

    I've hunted a few places in SE (Haines, Cordova, and Kake) and really like the country. I'll be back up this Sept 1 hunting out of Kake.

    I'm looking for a place for a summer cabin to live in and do some bear hunting and fishing. After some research it looks like the Petersburg area might fit the bill real well. Some out-of-the-way areas, but not requiring a half-day hike to get into. It looks like the Wrangell Narrows would be a great place to start.

    Anyone on here live in or around Petersburg who can give me some pointers besides what I've found on the 'net?? Anyone know first-hand of any recreational property for sale?

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    The best idea I have is to get a copy of the Petersburg Pilot newspaper. It comes out weekly and is on the net also. You can contact Petersburg Properties at 772-6000. I've seen one place on the Kupreanof Island side of Wrangell Narrows for sale recently. They are asking in the $114,000 range. There is probably property for sale in Kake too. Jim


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      Thanks for the reply, Jim.

      I'll give that guy a call tomorrow. I think I'd like to stay in the Petersburg area, but I'll know more after my trip in September.

      Kake is an interesting place, too, but I have a feeling I would be able to get more logistical support near PBurg.

      What I'd really like to do is find an individual with a place for sale rather then dealing with a realtor, but that remains to be seen.


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        Keep an eye on this website.


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          University land on Kupreanof side for real cheap!

          Also might try Wrangell properties in the phone book. Wrangell is much cheaper than Petersburg and has some great remote properties like Farm island, Thom's place and the back channel.
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            Thanks for the responses, guys.

            That link to the Univ of Alaska land is really interesting. Looks like they have some acreage lots available now at the south end of the Narrows on the Kup side, and it looks like they might be getting ready to let another subdivision go on the Mitkof side across the Narrows just south of Blind Slough.

            Have you ever dealt with the University on a land sale??? I've never seen this before.


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              pdavis, I'm sending you a PM........


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