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Ted Nugent On Deer Hunting

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  • Ted Nugent On Deer Hunting

    Ted Nugent was being interviewed by a British journalist. The journalist asked, "What do you think the last thought is in the head of a deer before you shoot it? Is it, `Are you my friend?` or is it `Are you the one who killed my brother?'"
    Nugent replied, "They aren't capable of that kind of thinking, you Limey [censored]. All they care about is, 'What am I going to eat next, who am I going to screw next, and can I run fast enough to get away. They are very much like the French in that way."

    You gota love Ted!!

    DR B

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    Uncle Ted does not hold nothing back .He is not like most people !!!
    He does not care if it is political correct to say something or not !!!

    He has my vote

    Practice does not make perfect !!!!!
    Perfect Practice makes perfect !!!!!!!!!!



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      Ted Nugent

      Personally, I think we need more Ted's out there going to bat for us! Eric


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        sweaty teddy

        I couldn't agree more. The guy call's it the way he see's it. AMEN


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          You know, I've always viewed Ted as all the things mentioned so far. However, I subscribed to the outdoor channel a few months back and am rather disappointed in his show, "Spirit of the Wild". It seems it is almost always on hunting farms and less than the adventurous fair chase kinda' hunter I pictured him to be. I guess my mind is not fully made up at this point, but I'm having my doubts about him as a true hunter and outdoorsman.

          I definitely agree with the fact that he says what he wants and does not sugar coat anything.

          Everything that lives and moves will be food for you.
          Genesis 9:3


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            Whack 'em boys!

            I've see his show many times and I agree he likes to hunt ranches a lot. From what I can see he practices fair chase quite a bit for various species of deer. The problem is he likes a lot of the exotics and most of those are only found on ranches or in their native lands.

            The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....


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              when i read it, he was interviewed by a French journalist....
              Master guide 212


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                Whatever the facts are I guess he's he still the Detroit City Madman stormtroopin his way through life... and in this day and age he might be... just what the doctor ordered.

                Some of you younger guys might not get all this reference to this great 70's rocker....
                A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and donít have one, youíll probably never need one again


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                  State fair

                  Ted will be playing at the state fair this year. This might just be a good show to go see...


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                    Haha, I watched him on the tv series "Supergroup", he gave those younger guys a taste of what living with "Uncle Ted " is like. He's got to be one of the funniest, most straightforward people I have ever seen. Piss him off and prepare yourself for the lambasting of your life! Go Uncle Ted!


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                      An enigma

                      Here's a link to what I thought was a good article on Ted:

                      When Dave Petersen wrote about Nugent, he (Ted) hadn't toned down his act much. I found this quote by Mary Stange may have hit the nail:
                      "Nugent is doing some constructive and clever things," says Mary Zeiss Stange, author of Woman the Hunter, a scholarly take on the cultural history of hunting. "He's a good showman and he really cares. I just hope he realizes that he doesn't do himself or anybody else any favors with that whack 'em and stack 'em stuff. It doesn't square with the good he does or the good he could do if he tempered his style a little."

                      What Ted considers "fair chase" and what I (and many others) consider fair chase are two different things. He's locked into the high-fenced hunting, even on game ranches of several hundred acres, and says it's fair-chase. This puts him at odds with a lot of the hunting community.
                      "...he continues to operate Sunrize Acres, his fenced-in 340-acre hunting ranch outside Jackson, where he can personally guide you to a trophy bison bull ($5,000), Russian boar, or whitetail deer ($1,000 each) and where he holds his annual Rape 'O the Hills hunting jamboree. But he offers only a token defense when faced with the criticism of hunting ranches lack of fair chase, the questionable ethics of purchasing a trophy animal. "I understand the criticism," he says. "But there is a recreational value to hunting, and to deny that would be stupid.""

                      Those who are able to recognize BS will note Ted's last quote there is meaningless. Of course there is recreational value to "hunting"! How we define "hunting" is the issue at hand. Ted's "united we stand" philosophy is tired and ridiculous. Here's what Ted has to say about Sunrize Safaris:
                      Let's take the basics of bowhunting. I would demand from my guide and outfitter the same effort I put into my own hunts and the hunts that I book and guide through Sunrize Safaris. Diligent, up to date advance scouting, properly chosen and concealed stand placement with prevailing winds in our favor. I want my treestand in a heavy, thick, natural silhouette breaking position where I can shoot off my left shoulder at undisturbed game. I want a shot within 20 yards at unalarmed critters. I want an approach route to my stand that will not alert or disturb wildlife. I don't mind walking, but not more than a mile from a vehicle, while at the same time, I don't want to be close to human activities unless of course it is a proven setup.

                      What Ted is forcing on all of hunting is the notion that game ranches are good for us, and that what happens on them is "hunting" in the real sense, in the Spirit of the Wild sense. What do the words "Spirit of the Wild" mean to you? Isn't "wild" about being wild and free? How are deer that are raised on antlermax feed, wild? And just how is a buffalo "hunt" on Sunrize Ranch anything other than a "guaranteed" pen-shoot?

                      Sorry, Ted, but this hunter ain't buying it.
                      Mark Richards


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                        This hunter is buying it !!!!!
                        Thank God we all do not have the same opinion !!!!
                        LIfe would be boreing for sure to say the least.
                        My vote is still for Uncle Ted .

                        Looking forward to doing my own ranch hunt in two years for a very large Red Stag !!!!! Saving up the bucks right now .
                        I will not make the trip to New Zealand to get one .

                        Enjoy Choice ,it is your freedom to do so .

                        Keep making smoke .

                        Practice does not make perfect !!!!!
                        Perfect Practice makes perfect !!!!!!!!!!

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