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What would YOU buy for $250 or less?

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  • What would YOU buy for $250 or less?

    Greetings Gents and Ladies,

    I would like to know "if" you had ONLY $250 to spend on a pair of binoculars, what would you buy, and where would you buy them? I'm looking at the best possible set for hunting and birdwatching. They have to be "kid friendly" so give me honest and best stab at it!

    Thanks much!

    - Barleydog

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    Nikon Monarch ATB's (8x42 or 10x42). Best binos out there for under $400, IMO. You can get them on ebay regularly for right at $250


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      +1 the nikon monarch would be a good choice.

      another would be the steiner's.
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        Pentex. I love mine and you can find a decent set for under $250 brand new. I've had mine for about 5 hard years now. I recently bought my wife a set of leupold windrivers and I cant stand them compared to my pentex.


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          Agree with the Nikon Monarch. You may have to keep trying for a few weeks, but you can get them on eBay for around $250 if you're patient. I absolutely LOVE mine, and they truly are comparable to glass in the much more expensive range.



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            I'd save it and save some more and when you have enough, buy some Swaro's!


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              I really like the Pentax 10x42 DCFHR II.
              Great binocs for the money about 299.00, but I think you could find them on sale for less.


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                Ditto on the Monarchs. Or save up sanother $200 and get some Pentax 10x43 DCF SP's. They retail for $625 but you can find them on line for $425.00. The swaros will run about 1200-1500. The Pentaxes have been put in the same league by many online reviews. Hardcore birders mostly who are very anal (whoops, can I say that??) when it comes to optics.

                Another option is I think you can get a pair of Zeiss compact 10x25 Classics for about $250 if you look online and ebay. Amazing glass for all but very low light.
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                  Bought the pants a pair of Zeiss Conquests for her birthday and got a heck of a deal on them. Nice thing about buying those is if something happens to my Swaro's I can always borrow her Zeiss. Snyd, you can get Swaro's cheaper than that if you know where to look!


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                    Steiner 9x40 Big Horn - new, just about $250.

                    But don't rule out used glass either.


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                      Whatever you decide to buy, check out I've found that their prices are very good.... No affiliation with the site, just thought I would pass on a place to find good deals.


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                        zeiss binos

                        Zeiss, Excellent glass and great service


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                          Brunton Enterna


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                            Nikon ATB's . For the money they are the best!!


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                              Zeiss or Pentax would be my choice.


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