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    just heard from a friend that cabelas is getting bids for supplies for a new store in Wasilla. My friends dad is a window guy and apparnetly they asked or a price for windows from him. He said they are certainly coming. Anyone else heard about this or have any inside info.
    also i guess Target and Ihop are coming to Wasilla as well.

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    it's about time...
    Cold Zero
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      Heard that story last winter too.

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        Why Wasilla instead of ANC? ANC is the "hub" of lots of hunters and fishermen, no sales tax, and a larger market. Just curious.


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          I have heard the rumor, however, Cabelas is denying any truth - they will simply refer you to their web page listing the retail stores and future stores. It would be nice to see it happen / cross your fingers.


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            love2hunt.... I was actually thinking that Wasilla was a little too populated for a Cabelas. All of the ones i've been to have been out in the middle of nowhere. I guess they go by the theory build it and they will come. I used to drive 3 hours from my place just to go to Cabelas and that was 2 hours or so south of the Twin Cities in MN. They built it in the middle of a corn field with the nearest town being a ways away and very very small. I think it may be where ever the land is cheap. Also probably does a good number for tourism as people will drive out of thier way to get to the place and have to pass other attractions on the way. HEhehe maybee they should put it in Denali. LOL


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              Why Wasilla, not Anchorage

              Originally posted by love2hunt
              Why Wasilla instead of ANC? ANC is the "hub" of lots of hunters and fishermen, no sales tax, and a larger market. Just curious.
              My guesses are;

              1) Land is cheaper
              2) Less competition (Sportsman's Warehouse and others)
              3) If a customer really wants to shop at a Cabela's, he'll make the trip. (If you build it, they will come.)

              My 2 cents.


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                Wasilla would be great choice. If I didn't have to make trips to Costco and Sportsman's Warehouse, I'd never go to Anchorage.

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                  I have also heard from an inside source here ins the valley that Cabelas is definitely planning on opening a store in Wasilla next year.


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                    Wouldnt hurt my feelings to see a cabellas in the valley. I dont mind sportsmans warehouse but a cabellas would be a bonus. I'll believe it when I see it though.


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                      Rumors Abound

                      This rumor has been bouncing around for at least the last five years; I've heard it from the folks at Barney's, Mountain View Sports, Sportsman's, etc. Wouldn't surprise me to see them here, but... when?

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                        Would be nice

                        Hope you guys are right about Cabelas. Here in Maine we have been hearing those rumors for over a year now. Everything from where the land was bought to the opening date but so far they are a no show. It has even been in the local papers. Still nothing.

                        I am originally from PA and I visit my family there in the winter so I make a trip to Hamburg, PA (in the middle of nowhere), to Cabelas twice a year(to get my twice yearly fix). You can spend some money really fast there. We are planning on moving up there (Alaska)next February so I hope you are right about the Cabelas but don't hold your breath because those rumors seem to pop up anywhere and everywhere people would like a store. I will keep my fingers crossed for you, you will love it.
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                          Here is the reply to my e-mail from Cabelas...

                          I have heard a rumor that you are planning to open a store in Alaska. Can you confirm or deny?

                          Dear Robert,

                          Thank you for visiting Cabela’s website and for your interest in a Cabela’s retail store located in Alaska.

                          Currently Cabela’s has fourteen retail locations through its’ subsidiary, Cabela’s Retail, Inc., We are flattered by your request; however, we are not aware of plans to build a store in Alaska at this time.

                          Your information has been forwarded to our Research and Development Department for review. Expansion announcements and information are posted on our website.

                          Have a nice day!



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                            The last place I lived was Papillion Nebraska. For the 3 years I lived there everyone talked about Cabela's starting a store somewhere in the Omaha Metro. It seemed like it was just talk then BASS PRO SHOP opened up Just a crossed the river in Iowa. I my way up here to Alaska I was looking at a Cabela's magazine and saw that they are opening a store about 3 blocks from my old house. So I hope the one in Wasilla opens before I leave here.


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                              Any rumors for Homer ???
                              It sure would be nice to be able to go buy socks here rather than driving to Soldatna to do so !!!!!!.

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