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painting boat camo

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  • painting boat camo

    I'm needing to decide if I should use that vinyl camo clad stuff out of cabela's with a $269.00 price tag or go with aluminum cleaner (forgot the name of the conditioner) but you brush it on, let it dry and then primer it and then start with the camo spray colors. Anyone tell me which brand works? I'll be using them shadowgrass stencils. i'll just be doing the sides and insides of my 16' alumaweld sled but not the hull as I'm thinking the paint will probably peel off. Anyone try spray painting? How long did it last before you had to switch to another method? I don't mind touching it up ever now and then but if it's just going to peel off on the first run, then forget it. Anyone order that canned duck boat paint from Cabela's? I forgot to ask them if they can ship it to ak? Thanks.

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    camo paint for boat

    Get some self etching primer and apply AFTER you have sanded the old paint off. Then apply new camo paint and you should be ready to go. It is hard keeping paint on surfaces that are rubbed against and you might consider using a spray on bed liner for the area where the gas tank sits. Eventually gas spills and eats through that area quickly. In fact applying bed liner to the whole boat is something we do in Texas because the metal gets hot (but you may not have that problem).



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      The 16' aluminum sled that I have has never had paint on it. The other day I saw a flat bottom boat in the parking lot of a marine dealer. The guy hadn't picked it up yet from repair but I walked up to it and indeed it had a spray liner of some kind that was rough. The work looked really good. That boat belonged to a guy who actually brought it up from the lower 48 but I never did meet the guy with the boat. From a few I have talked to around town, with that etching and getting the impurities out of the aluminum, and with a good primer and paint, I'm willing to take the chance. Hope your weather isn't too hot this summer and that you can get a few cool spells. i know how that can be living in CA all my life before moving up here. Thanks


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        I painted my rig...

        After a great deal of research, I painted my rig w/ Sherman Williams Industrial Marine paint. This paint is mixed to your very color (which I loved) or your creation, yet it's done at their industrial stores, not retail stores. This paint is used on barges, aircraft carriers, bouyes...I sprayed it on using one of those monkey suits and masks. I learned how to use a Devilvus spray gun that year!

        Expensive (about $250 to $500 for the whole rig that I remember, that includes catalyst), but worth every $. My rig was painted 4 seasons ago, and looks like it was painted last year. I run through Ice flows on lake Michigan, shallow feeder rivers and anything in between. It's a 20' long 72" floor (about 9' beam) semi-v w/ a tunnel hull w/ 1/4" steel ice breakers on the bow. I power it w/ a 90HP yamaha on a hydraulic jackplate, and a 15hp yamaha kicker. If you have questions about the paint, email me.
        Very best, TWA


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          My buddie is a professional painter and we used Sherwin Williams Direct To Metal paint tinted to my specks on my aluminum boat. 6.5 years later still looks great and no chipping or fading. Sand and clean with good mineral spirits. We sprayed the boat with a residential sprayer. Did this for under $100.


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