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  • synthetic stock

    Last year while sheep hunting i fell and snapped my Remmington 300 ultra mag stock. Lucky i did not see any rams! The question i have is i am looking at replacing it with a Bell and Carlson stock fairly spendy, but why not if it is good. The new stock is a drop in stock with aluminum bedding. Has anyone used this brand of stock and or bedding system? Anyone have any good results in the field with this system. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Chef

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    Synthetic Stock

    I think Remington uses Bell & Carlson stocks for some of their rifles already.
    I'd give HS Precision a good look. It'll run you about $250 though.


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      I agree with bizymocha, my remington Sendero sfII in 7mmRUM has a HS stock. Sweet stock and not to spendy. HS stocks have aluminum bedding and lots of configurations. Good luck and sorry to hear that.


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        synthetic stocks

        i would go with an ed brown "pounder stock" weighs just under a pound.

        next choice would be h.s. precision with an aluminum bedding block.

        then a distant bell and carlson...
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