Alaska Peninsula Weather and Bears?



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  • Alaska Peninsula Weather and Bears?

    Does anybody have any current info on the snow conditions and or bear activity on the Alaska Peninsula. We leave in 2 days for a 10 day brown bear hunt flying out of Kodiak just wondering if the bears are out, sure seems like a late spring. Thanks in advance if anyone has any info.

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    weather & bears

    There ain't a durn thing you can do about either. the way you've been worrying about the weather over there, if the sun does come out, you'll likely have a stroke.
    Look at it this way, you're going - a whole bunch of us aren't. (I'm jealous)
    Relax & enjoy the expectation of a great hunt - don't worry about the things you can't control.
    Have a great trip.


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      I am not worried about the weather per say in how it affects me, I just havent gotten any feedback on what the spring bear hunting conditions are on the Peninsula by way of the bears being out, might have something to do with the fact that hardly anyone lives on the Pacific coast. I just know how wintry the conditions are in the Interior and everything is delayed by at least 2 weeks if not more, and I hate to be too early for this hunt if you know what I mean, its been a long time planning. I dont care if it rains every day and blows non-stop, as long as theres bears out I'm golden. Theres an old saying that "theres no such thing as bad weather just bad gear!" Thanks for the positive encouragement, although its flowing through our blood pretty good with 2 days and counting!


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        Peninsula Bears

        I'm heading out tomorrow for 17 days to do some brown bear guiding and hunting for myself, west of Lake Illiamna, in the northern portion of the Alaska Peninsula. This would be the west part of Unit 9B. The latest report I got was it's still winter in a lot of areas out there, even further south, unless your down on the coast. We've got 4 ft. of snow in camp as of last week, buy we're higher up. The snow's melting pretty fast down low, but perhaps the old boars will feel like napping a bit more before they wander out, and into your sights!


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          for the info. We are headed to the southern pacific coast. Will be hunting on the ocean(in a bay). I have seen on some of the FAA cams at least in King Cove that on the water the snow line is about half way up the hill sides. Just hope the bears are moving. Good luck to you.


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