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bug suit for the tundra

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  • bug suit for the tundra

    Last year I went to the Haul Rd. and only took a bug net. There was a couple of days that were verrrrry bad, needless to say I learned my lesson. I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions on a good suit. Time is running out, hunting season is comming!!!!

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    My experience

    I use a Shannon Bug tamer plus. It works fairly well...

    I opted for a bug suit for several reasons... They are a great camo suit, they are light wieght, extremely cool and they provide decent bug protection.

    A few notables from my expereince:

    The face/head protector works well but seems to distract my sight more than I like. But in the moments when the bugs are swarming I don't mind...

    In general a looser fit is better then tight... In hot weather I wear an Under Armor shirt and Mountain Hardware Fast pack pant... If the suit is pulled tight in any area the skeeters will find it and they can still bite... (even with the patented Double Guard) If you have any layered clothing underneath you are nearly 100% protected. But in heat who wants to layer...?

    By far the good outwieghs the bad... When I have to replace I'll likely buy another of the same...

    Or your favorite outdoor store...


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      [quote=WinMag]The face/head protector works well but seems to distract my sight more than I like. [quote]

      Try taking a black, permanent "Magic Marker" or "Sharpie" and color the entire net that covers the face/eyes. That will dull the shine from the netting and will allow you to see throught the face net, much better as it helps cut down glare from the sun. It really helps...


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