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    Isn't fur "dollarable"?

    Originally posted by bushrat

    John Muir quote:
    "Nothing dollarable is safe."
    I can see viable objections to the World Hunt, but I'm confused by someone who traps and sells animal fur to support his family posting the above quote.
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      Sure fur is dollarable, but any wise trapper works in a sustainable manner. In other words they don't sell out their principles for the dollar.


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        I sent my nasty gram.


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          Every one counts...

          Every email to WHA will let them know how they feel if they get the email. I work in an environment where email filtering is a common practice. I am sure the CEO is getting hammered on this air-head of an idea...and has blocked most of the nasty emails he has/is receiving.

          It was mentioned earlier...we need to hit the sponsors. This guy can only fund it for so long, and then his pockets will run dry. If the sponsors are loosing business because of their support of this "sport", they may pull their sponsorship. They will be the ones who will put an end to this. Our emails to the WHA about how bad this makes hunting look won't work. The @$$ who started the WHA obviously doesn't care what the true outdoorsmen/women thinks or feels...he just wants to pad his pockets at any and all expenses.

          We need to write to the corporate offices of the sponsors, and let them know that this is in no way going to help promote the great sport of hunting; which in a large way supports their businesses. Heck, even to talk to the local dealers (i.e. Polaris) about it, they can send a stink up the chain. They are the ones that are going to suffer if people start boycotting sponsors.
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            Here's the "contact us" page from the Polaris website.



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              no good...

              Originally posted by Cheeser
              Here's the "contact us" page from the Polaris website.

              I tried this address already and got this response -
              Dear *****,

              Thank you for contacting Polaris Consumer Service in regards to the WHA.

              Unfortunately, I am only equipped to answer questions regarding the PurePolaris Online Store. Please contact our Corporate Office at 763-542-0500 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm Central Time, Monday through Friday.

              We thank you for your inquiry and look forward to your next visit to


              Polaris Direct Consumer Service
              <A href="">con</A>

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                I selected "other questions/issues" on their drop down and haven't heard anything back. Makes me wonder if that poor website fellow is gettin inundated with anti-WHO emails. :-)


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                  Keep on thinkin'

                  It's good to see that there has been near-unanimous opposition to the WHA and their abominations. As Bushrat and others have pointed out, there are other reprehensible actions that "hunters" take, such as high-fence hunts, hunting contests, emphasis on scoring, et al.

                  Just a nudge for folks not to stop there, but think about the various legal activities that some of us do in the name of hunting. See if you think that they really show respect to the wildlife, the environment, each other. Or do they exist just to give us a greater advantage or to provide thrills or to make things easy? I'm not going to name examples--you can think of your own.

                  Best to all,


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                    Boycott the sponsers, and let them know there is a reason that their sales are both down and will stay down.


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                      Found this on another board.


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                        ESPN article with feedback

                        I have been trying to contact everyone that deals with this tard. ESPN did a story and has a feedback section. Here is the link:



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                          pay per hit site

                          I did a check and yes WHA is paying per hit if you hit on their ad.
                          this is how it works.

                          the higher you are up on the list, the more you pay as you bid for postition and exposer.
                          if we all hit the ad, and wait for it to register that we went to the site, they will be charged for that hit. it may be 10 cents per hit or over a dollar per hit depending on how they bid for that exposer.
                          Don't just go to their site, you must click on their ad for them to get charged , so everytime you see the ad, or it comes up in the search engine either above the numbered listing or over to the right in the listings from the search.
                          lets get in their pockets, and then let them know that is what we are doing. I am emailing them today letting them know that we will be hitting the ads and not viewing the site, so they will be charged for the false visit.
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                            Hit 'em hard

                            Want to do some read damage? How about contacting the ranch thats hosting the event... I couldn't find an e-mail address but they do have a toll free number. I'm sure a couple hundred calls a day might start to wear on their nerves. Also lets not forget The Nuge. He's a hardcore like most of us and he lives in Michigan. I'm sure this has him as fired up as all of us are.


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                              I think Nugent has his own fenced in lands that he hunts. I'm not so sure about him anymore...
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                                I spent some time with David Farbman and Matt Trissel of WHA while in Fairbanks in September. These guys are dead set on getting this thing off the ground, I obliged them and sat through their new 30 min promotional video and came to the same conclusion that I have had since day one and that is that this will in fact hurt our industry and nothing more than that.

                                They are dead set in that they believe that they are truly going to help by recruiting more hunters, thus helping the industry and gaining more hunters to ultimately help support our hunting rights.

                                I was very passionate in telling them that I truly believed just the opposite would be the case and that I would in fact not support those sponsors that support their program.

                                They did admit that after the outcry with their initial business plan they had no choice but to scrap it and start over but this new plan with killing the animals was being better accepted. Personally I can't see this as truth and from those I have spoken with they feel the same as most of us here on the board.

                                I would keep watching because I do not see this lasting long as I truly believe the industry will not let them hang around.



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