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  • Denali Highway report?

    If anyone has been on the Denali highway between Paxson and Cantwell, could you give a road report please?

    The wife wants to drive up there this weekend and see if there are any bears for spot and stalk. Of course I have a hard time saying no to her

    Any info would be appreciated. We are going to drive in from the Paxson side.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Denali Highway

    A buddy just got back from Mclaren and said that he counted like 2 dozen campers(motorhomes, and Cabovers) on the road to Mclaren. The road is open all the way in, aside from the sporadic snow showers. He said he had a hard time finding a valley to glass that there werent snowmachines in. Said as of now 5 bears have been taken, thats coming from Mclaren lodge.Oh I forgot to add in case you didn't know, its still winter down there.


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