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  • Mother of all road trips

    Planning a road trip for the month of August. Leaving Florida on the 5th, then heading to Bellingham for the marine highway ferry up to Haines. Just me and one of my hunting/adventure buddies. We are trying to drive the Dalton Highway up to Deadhorse / Beaufort Sea. I have a decent amount of hunting experience and used to live in SE Alaska. Have been on Polar, Grizz, Brown, Black Bear hunts as well as sheep, moose, goat, etc. This trip to Alaska will mostly be for adventure 90% and hunting/fishing 10%. We did not want to get into the float plane drop off stuff but were curious if anyone had some info on hunting caribou from the Dalton Highway and the legalities of it. Not sure if Black Bear is in durring august or not but we might be interested in that as well. Any other hunting/fishing opportunities that a local might see that I do not would also be appreciated. Thanks much, James

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    Hunting the Haul rd

    If you have an IBEP or equivilant bow hunters certification card then you can bow hunt caribou from the Haul rd but if you don't, you will have to hike 5 miles from the road to shoot one. I've hunted there before and tried the bowhunting thing but other bowhunters had them so spooked we could never get within bow range so we ended up hiking the the 5 miles and shot 2 nice bulls. Took 2 days to get it all back to the truck. As far as black bear goes, once you go over Atigun Pass I doubt you will see any black bears but anywhere between Fairbanks and the pass you'll have a good chance of seeing one if you take your time. Be careful driving up there and give the big rigs plenty of space and take at least 2 spare tires, gas, and plenty of tools. It's a great trip up there and you will enjoy seeing a part of Alaska a lot of other people never get to see.


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      Thanks for the bowhunting info. Sounds more like a pain than anything. Will probably bring a rifle or two and may go after Black Bear. Any ideas on this? Saw on the Fish & Game AK website that you can take 3 as a non resident. We would only be interested in one but was wondering about the population up near the Dalton. Also any advice from those that have traveled the road and maybe some decnt spots for fishing and what not would be appreciated. Thanks, James


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        You might be surprised. I thought that hunting the Dalton would be a bit of a pain as well, but once you see those caribou trotting across the tundra - and there are some really nice bulls up there - it's hard to resist chasing them. I found that if I hiked a mile or so off the road I didn't have any company at all. It's just right next to the road that can get crowded.

        As for fishing, you'll find grayling in almost any stream up there, including the Sag which runs along the highway for many miles north of the Pass. Grayling aren't picky as to lures and presentation, and they're really fun to catch on light tackle. They're fine eating if you cook them right away, but they don't keep well.



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