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Registration Permits by Mail?

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  • Registration Permits by Mail?

    Anybody understand what the reg book means when it says I can get a registration permit either in person or by mail from a local office? I don't live in the community in question (Sitka) and my hunt will start less than 3 weeks after the permit becomes available "by mail."

    No forms on the ADF&G website. No guidance in the reg book that I can find.

    Do I just write the Area Management Biologist a letter that includes my license number?

    Anyone have any insights into how this works?

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    Call Fish and game and they will lead you in the right direction
    Living the Alaskan Dream
    Gary Keller
    Anchorage, AK


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      Sure enough

      It turns out there is a form, which they will mail me.

      Then I mail it to them.

      Then they mail me the permit.

      Seems to me this thing called the Internet could cut a couple of steps out of this process...

      But you were right, Gray. I had to contact the area office for it. The folks at the head shed bumped me to them.


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