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  • Forest Service Cabins

    Any of you guys use the public use cabins to hunt out of. There seems to be alot of them in SE Alaska. It seems to me they would be good to base a blackbear or blacktail hunt out of. Any opinions on this would be welcome

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    Hunted out of one on Montague last winter.

    The game sees alot of pressure within hiking distance of the cabin, so having a zodiak or skiff to get out a bit will likely dramatically improve your success.

    They make a great basecamp, and are reasonably priced. I'd definately recomend bringing fuel oil to warm it up.
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      We'll be basing a Mt. Goat hunt out of one on Baranof this fall. Most guys fly into higher lakes, so we'll have a hard pack to a spike camp, but there'll be someplace bear-resistant to sleep if we get meat, and to warm up when we're really wet.

      I'll report back sometime in August...


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        Forest Service Cabins in Southeast

        We use them for ducks on the Stikine Flats. They are also used for goats at the higher elevations. Most of them are in places not necessarily considered good for hunting or very specialized (ie. Steelhead fishing). Several would be wonderful for bears, but they are in areas close to bear hunting. If you are going to get one check out the hunting regs before you choose which cabin you want to go to. It doesn't hurt to call the District Ranger's Office to ask more pointed questions. Jim


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          Headed to one this fall

          I am giving one a try this fall, I think it will beat a tent with the bears and even though this one has no heat, after a day bear hunting in the elements, I am sure it will feel like a five star....


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