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  • unit 20 A moose

    Looking at the new regulations it would appear that the unit 20 entire area has very liberal registration permit area avaliable. I have only hunted this area twice for sheep around Healey. I am looking for any advice or ideas on trails or areas with access primarily in unit 20 A but in genearl any of the units. We have 6 wheelers and plenty of time to get out. Not looking for a secret honey hole but rather some good solid information. Anything that some one could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and good luck to everyone this coming season. Viktor

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    chef viktor
    take a look at the Rex trail south of Clear we went in there 2 yrs ago
    when they started the cow moose hunt it was a blood bath and almost everybody got one. Last year it was harder, seen some of the area is open until Feb 07. On 4 and 6 wheelers you can get back there about 16 miles some what easier. After that it is pretty muddy. There is a lot of open swamps in between, we would find a spot on the trail were we could look either direction pretty good and would see them cross the trail, it seems with all the hunters they were just pushing them around, kinda like deer hunting in MN.
    Maybe I will see you out on Flathorn this winter


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      20 A

      Thanks for the information. Yes i am counting the days until i can go ice fishing on flat horn again! My favoarate lake, and i have lots of hooligan froen and ready! I hear that the rex trail is very popular. Is there any where on the trail that you can branch off and try to gain some elevation? From my past experience it seems that getting up high and then looking down is a very productive way to hunt moose. I have even shot moose above timber line just in a little patch of willows. I will try to research the Rex trail but any thingthing that you can provide would appreciated. Curious you said the permit is good until February 2007? If i read the regulations correctly it said registration hunt with registration permits avaliable on August 17th. Am i safe to comprehend that as meaning that the permits are for this years season starting on the 25th? Thanks for the information. Good luck Viktor


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        This registration area is sub-divided into 6 (I think) "sub areas". You will notice that any of the "sub areas" close to the road system will close VERY quickly. Since they are easily accessable they reach their quota in no time. There are only 2-3 areas that stay open into the winter and they are pretty hard to get to. Best bet is to be there opening morning to be able to hunt near the road system before the quota for those areas are met and they shut them down.

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          My nearest neighbor is headed up there today, to check out one of the ATV trails that one of the F&G Bios told him about. Don't have specifics, but a talk with one of them could help. They want that area shot out pretty bad. The bio with the info was from Palmer, but I am sure the ones up north would have info also. Don't overlook the close in areas, as that is where the least number of predators would be, and where prey critters would find refuge. Recent fires and clearing of timber has helped out temendously, according to the bios.
          Some other good hints the bio gave him, was to have atv's ferried across the rivers and start out from some of those areas least hunted. A lot of boat based hunters don't venture far from the water, with good reason. But an atv can help out with the packing issue.
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            Rex Trail

            Type that in under the search feature on the old forums, theres pages of talk about the blood baths that take place there every fall. Its more like Sturgis than anything else, just no hogs only 4 wheelers, 6 bys,Track Rigs, and Airboats.


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