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Whatís wrong with the forums?

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    Negativity, decisiveness, elitism. Nearly every thread digresses into a pi$$ing match. A select group of prolific posters seem more entertained with being grumpy muppets in the balcony rather than being mentors. My opinion.


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      Originally posted by KCB View Post
      rather than being mentors. My opinion.
      It is hard and often impossible to mentor.......they "WANT" the information. They truly believe that it is owed to them, and it should be given to them. Others are obligated and expected to give it. (Now here is the kicker) They get pissed if you don't do it the right "WAY". They were raised that you need to speak to them a special way. It is simply the difference in how men were raised in the 40' and 50's verses recent generations. It is their loss, but they can't see that. SAD.
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        Originally posted by KCB View Post
        Negativity, decisiveness, elitism. Nearly every thread digresses into a pi$$ing match. A select group of prolific posters seem more entertained with being grumpy muppets in the balcony rather than being mentors. My opinion.
        This. There are two regular posters here that make life unpleasant and have done so for many years. Not much you can do because they revel in their unpleasantness and enjoy being confronted about it. They keep it just civil enough that they really can't get banned for their behavior either.

        I thank AOD for bringing several friendships to my life, but I don't see my forum participation increasing any time soon.
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          Give it time. Too early yet to argue about the Kenai River. Need a couple more weeks.


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            We were contemplating this issue on another thread recently. All of the above. I know some of the old timers are on Rockslide pretty often.

            Its not all the forums. I find the power boating and saltwater fishing to be just as active/robust as they have been.

            Apparently, 323 and I were facebook friends. I guess I unfriended him at some point. To this day I have no idea who he really is.
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              It does seem that there is less activity, my involvement is sure down from when I first signed on.... and maybe I am one of the guys AKdoug referred to LOL.... still working on sarcasm....

              I for one spend A LOT LESS time on all social media, rarely look at FB or Instagram unless I am trying to find something... I often use this site for info on a project or a trip and for that I am grateful. I do find it disturbing that people will say and post things on the internet that they wouldn't say to a mans (or woman's) face... and there is a lot of experts that should have their keyboard removed... but thats they way it is on the internet, affirmation through, pictures, insults or outrage.... How about a kind word now and then?

              I do go on forums that have less moderation as I am not very PC about some issues and find it hard to discuss all the things we enjoy doing when we are FORBIDDEN to discuss laws that affect are rights as citizens to do those things... after-all, what exactly are forums for? People do need to learn to present their side w/o getting derogatory...and than can be **** hard for some. AND if you dont like the topic, you dont have to participate...

              When I look at the community info there are 1092 pages of "members" however its the members on the first 20 pages that are most actively posting.... with that said I know there are people on here that simply never post, still they read and enjoy, so there may be more involvement (traffic) then the numbers might show.....

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                Inability for some to stay on topic.
                Inability for some to concede a point.
                Inability for many to participate respectfully in a constructive discussion.

                This is not a problem unique to this forum. Social media has devolved our societyís ability to have good respectable debates. The anonymity of online media has caused a huge loss of empathy and self-constraint.

                Part of this is generational. Young people tend to get their feelings hurt and leave faster, as they have not developed a way to deal with being triggered. We older folk (over 40) did not grow up with the ability to ďblockĒ people at the slightest perceived offense, and therefore have a little thicker skin. Due to this, I would guess one problem with forums like this one is not enough younger members joining the forum, refreshing the natural attrition.

                However, we older folk are not blameless, as we have been sucked into the anonymity and loss of empathy as well. Our oral filters are eroding due not only to anonymity but also to age-related filter-thinning. We may be thicker-skinned, but we are are often too rigid in our beliefs and unable to concede a point.

                If we used our real names in forums like this, I believe the discussions would be a lot more respectable and productive. Such is the nature of using fake personas online.

                just my .02


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                  Lots of good insight already posted. Not too much I can add, except to note that when I first joined the forums, a lot of people had a lot of pretty vile, racist stuff in their profile pics and signature lines, and wanted to use the forums as their own private place to post bigoted political rants. No doubt I am one of those previously accused of being a killjoy troll, only here to spoil some people's fun. Almost immediately upon joining, I received a PM stating "we don't like your kind here, and I'm going to insure that you get banned"... Lots of those folks are still around, and they keep lobbying to return the forums to those good ol' days of mostly bigoted, anti-government Rush Limbaugh type inspired rants. Most of my real world friends and associates are biologists, ecologists, civil servants (and most of them hunt/fish/trap as much if not more than the average poster)...with a huge wealth of knowledge they could contribute here. Some of them read the forums, and some of them remark among themselves in real life about things they read here, but only a very few of them ever post here, and then only very, very rarely. Why would they?
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                    I think a lot of us here that disagree with a viewpoint would actually get along in real life. Some friends donít see eye to eye on lots of stuff and enjoy the banter but still retain a friendship. Iíve not yet met someone from the forums that I wish I hadnít. I have been approached by moderators asking I wanted certain people banned for how they were treating me, but I said no. Thatís ok. We all have an opinion and itís all good.

                    Agree the search engines are probably used more how days. People talk less, communicate worse and want more free stuff than ever before. Iíve always enjoyed the forums, more so than facebook.
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                      Just like hockey. Cna have a fight on the. Ice then have a beer at the bar after like nothing happened

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                        Brwnbr solved it. Just post a thread saying people aren't talking much anymore and BOOM....more in depth conversation in the last half day on one thread in a while lol


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                          Well, I guess I'll continue to hang out here. Don't do Facebook or social media and never will. My daughter-in-laws do Facebook and it has become an obsession. Honestly, I don't have time for it. Dang, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day and they have their cell phones in hand doing the Facebook thing. I can't figure it out, perhaps I'm just plain boring! :boring:
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                            I've been part of the AOD forum community for many years, and I will certainly agree that the posting and responding activity levels here are way lower than in the past. That said, I don't think there's anything "wrong" with the forums (here), which is the title of the thread starter.

                            I'm guessing that there is simply much greater social media competition than ever before...that is purely a guess because I've never been on Facebook nor the other popular media venues actively utilized these days...and I'm planning to intentionally keep it that way! I am a member of one other forum that seems more active than here.

                            Regarding previous comments in this specific thread that are critical or negative of past participants as a potential reason for decreased activity, I personally don't see that as a factor. People are people...capable of great good and unbelievable bad. There are a couple of people on this forum that I find to be unpleasant, but such is life. I wish them well.

                            I will say for sure, that Mike and Brian do an excellent job of maintaining a forum community with values and limits that promote the good in people, which I greatly appreciate.


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                              The folks that chime in "Use the search feature" are another reason many folks shy away from here. Just because a topic has been discussed before doesn't mean someone new didn't sign up or have a new experience and can add to a conversation. Trolls and rude people are often outright blocked from Facebook groups.


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                                I don't post much more, nor do I use Fbook or other SMedia.
                                I've helped a few on the Unimak BB hunt, told them where they are, how to get there, how to hunt, and low and behold they don't.....end up shooting a 8 1/2' bear......
                                I do some Searches here, now and again, but have done my research through Aerial Mapping and talking to BnC members.
                                But I really do like this forum, as it's very entertaining. Those younger ones are hooked on SMedia & Media haven't a clue what the outdoors is really like, part of the 90/10 (10% just want something, anything, Me, Me Me..NOW!) Like road hunters.....


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