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Brown Bears in 13A-Bear attack near Gunsight

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  • Brown Bears in 13A-Bear attack near Gunsight

    The area around Caribou Creek, Alfred Creek, Eureka and Gunsight appears to have experienced a significant spike in Brown bear numbers over the last 6 years. ADFG has an active predator program for wolves in 13A but have overlooked bear numbers. I recently checked game camera and viewed 6 different bears traveling the same trail over 2 months. Found 3 bonepiles from moose calves within a 2 mile radius without looking off the trail. Not many people hunt brown bears anymore in this area that I know of. 30 years ago there were 4 or 5 guides around but most of the old timers are gone and people mostly want Caribou and Moose. The ADFG regs are pretty open here, no tag needed, one bear per person every year, no closed season...just have to take hide and skull in for seal after getting one. Somebody really needs to address these bear numbers, somebody needs to hunt or guide the area before more moose and caribou calves and hikers/hunters/riders are chewed on. Not discriminating on bears but nobody wants them in the backyard. If they did bears would still exist in SF Bay, Seattle, Anchorage and all the other places they flourished before humans.

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