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Just got my Tier 1 permit - Bull Only

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  • Just got my Tier 1 permit - Bull Only

    I just got my permit (RC 562) and what do I see, but it is limited to bull only! Does anyone know the count number for this year?

    I don't see HighestView's annual thread yet, so I had to start my own...

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    Isn't this what we all expected this year?


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      Originally posted by theultrarider View Post
      Isn't this what we all expected this year?
      Actually, no. It would make perfect sense if there was still the outlandish number of permit holders as in years past, but the number of hunters participating has been greatly reduced.
      I'm happy with it, and I hope I can fill my tag, but I was a little surprised.


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        Looking at last years forum from Highestview, he posted July 30th. Hard to say if they have already taken the photos and they are counting, or they are waiting to fly but can't get good photos due to the smoke. Unless the herd that separated to the 40 mile herd comes back, I see bull only hunts for the foreseeable future. Just my two cents.


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          I hadn't considered the smoke as a hinderance to the count. I was in the Copper River Basin last weekend and the smoke wasn't bad. That being said, I imagine this heat is driving them all high into the mountains.

          I saw a nice bull on the Tazlina River this weekend, so that one's mine!


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            True anyone with info on winter survival herd movements etc.
            “I come home with an honestly earned feeling that something good has taken place. It makes no difference whether I got anything, it has to do with how the day was spent. “ Fred Bear


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              Given the numbers, this shouldn’t be a surprise. Look at the cuts to dc485 as your indicator. If that’s not good enough, listen to the minutes from ADF&G meetings all winter. It will be a while before we see good harvestable numbers in this herd, plain and simple. The addition of the youth hunt has only split the number of harvestable animals smaller amongst more user groups. We had to drive much father to get ours last year to a different tag entirely as a result of the early closure is the dc485 tag. First time I have eaten a draw tag to be honest, and I probably won’t putting for that one for another decade 🤷*♂️


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                What is interesting is the wording in the main body:
                'The bag limit may change to Bull only,and the hunt could be closed by Emergency Order at some point during the season'!
                From what went on last year, i suspect that the season may not run the entire length of the season!
                Lets see what the counts shows.


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