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  • weather in september

    I am planning a caribou hunting trip from 18-26 september up the haul road. Any information on what the weather and roads are like that time of year would be greatly appreciated. Also how the caribou numbers are this time of year.


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    There is one rule of thumb in Alaska and that is to always have a rain coat and a warm wool hat. It does not matter if it is 70 degrees and sunny it could snow and rain by days end. It is not the below zero days that bring hypothermia but the days when it was nice then it rains then the wind comes up and you are wet and shaking. It happens fast! Typicaly in September you will see lots of rain and then rain snow combinations towrds the end. There has also been sunny days in the 70s but they are far and few between. Late September and October is the season change and the weather changes. Good Luck Viktor


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      The weather that viktor is referring to is the norm for most of AK caribou country, but the Haul Road is even colder. We got the rain/snow mix up there last year in mid-August. By late September you can almost count on snow. It may warm up to above freezing during the day, but that's a very iffy "may". It'll be cold, possibly windy. There are freak warm spells from time to time, but I wouldn't count on it. Bugs shouldn't be an issue, though!

      Road conditions will be dependant on new snowfall. They have to take care of the roads up there due to the necessary industrial traffic, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. As for the caribou, they should be there, but it's never a guarantee. I would assume they'll be down by the Galbraith Lake area by then, maybe even heading into Atigun, but you may have to go north of the Pass a ways.

      Good luck!



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        I've not hunted the haul road, but have been in Prudhoe in many a late September, and to me it is generally the most miserably cold time of year. Temps barely above freezing, wet drizzle/fog, and wind. Cuts through you like a knife. Somehow that chills me way worse than -30F.

        The way to look at Alaska weather is look at the mean temp for that time of year, go plus or minus 30 degrees, and add wind and precipitation, and you'll be prepared for the weather. Whatever you do, don't let a nice sunny 60 degree day fool you, because the temps frequently fluctuate by 50 degrees in 24 hours.
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          They covered the weather part. The Elliot hwy is paved up to the haul road. A couple friends of mine were up there in April bear hunting and I think he said there is a stretch paved between the Elliot and the bridge. Fifty miles north of the bridge you get another 150 miles or so of pavement. I think there is another stretch farther north that's paved too. Not sure though. Good Luck!
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            It can be war or snowing at that time. From past experince during your dates from anagain pass to happy valley there was snow on the ground. once I got to pump station 2 the snow was gone and we started to see caribou. During the day temps were good and night alittle chilly. One nice thing was the tundra was frozen so it made walking alot easier.

            Caribou. Right around the time of your dates the bulls will start going into rut. A rut bull taste nasty. You can see allot caribou during that time and also see zippo nothing.
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