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    With deer season in Prince William Sound drawing to a close,I just wanted to remind all hunters to diligently fill out their harvest reportcards and get them mailed off the ADF&G. Getting these harvest reportsfilled out as accurately as possible is essential to help our ADF&Gbiologists manage the game populations wisely. Not only does it give them agood idea of the total harvest in each area, almost more importantly, it givesthem information on the amount of effort that each hunter is putting in to gettheir game. So those guys that are thinking it is of no use to fill in theirharvest reports because they didn’t actually hunt at all – the biologists reallydo need to know that. For example it is important for the biologists to know ifhunters are putting in more effort and getting less game! So please put as muchinfo on that card as possible – of course this applies to all game species –not just deer.
    Merry Christmas!

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