Trailer modification to walking axle?



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  • Trailer modification to walking axle?

    Iím not sure the best place to post this, but I need some advice on modifying a trailer. I had never heard of walking axle trailers until my trip to the backcountry of Canada last year with a friend from Saskatchewan. My little single axle utility trailer just couldnít keep up. So hereís my situation. I need to trailer a small boat 1,000 miles from home to get to where we camp. From there, we take 4wheelers and boats loaded on off road trailers down old logging roads to get to various lakes. My thought was to trailer the boat up to camp behind my pickup on a normal boat trailer. Once in camp, Iíd remove the street wheels and bolt on a walking beam assembly converting it into an off road version. Iím not sure if that makes sense. I guess in the interest of space Iíd like to have a boat trailer do double duty. Any thoughts on if this will work? I donít weld yet, so is there anything on the market that I could buy, or will I have to get it fabricated?



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    Check these images, seems thay can be built fairly easily


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      Up here there are some welding shops that have made bolt on walking beam axle kits for ATV trailers.

      You have the two wheeled axle system then have a flange that bolts to the wheel hub just like a wheel with five bolt holes. Fender clearance etc all need to be factored in to the design.

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