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    Just curious what hunts in 2015 you all are looking forward to. My hunting season is looking kinda screwy due to my work schedule, but if I draw a tag, I will find a way to hunt it. I'm looking most forward to deer hunting this next year with my kids. With the mild winter we are having the deer hunting should be pretty decent. My oldest son was able to harvest his first deer this year and he is hooked. He told me he cannot wait for next year. My daughter is up next, she will be 11 and she is getting better at shooting the .243. I can not wait to get them out there together this next year.
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    My Son and I are going to try and get him his first Ram, very excited to share that experience with him. Other than that hunt, I don't think I will do much else as far as hunting goes unless I draw a tag. Going to focus on flight training trying to get back in the game after a long absence. I start next week so I will see where it goes from there.

    Best wishes to all.

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      First I'm looking forward to hunting BIG KINGS this spring, but that's a different forum...Come fall, I really have an itch to get one of those alpine blacks bears with my recurve, and goats will happen whether I draw a tag or not. Plan B....depends on what I draw.
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        Kodiak Brown bear with my son, when we draw the party permit. LOL! (and hopefully some blacktail at the same time!)

        Otherwise I look forward to all hunts - starting with black bear and ending with whitetail deer. hopefully some caribou/grizzly in between.
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          Like Hoose35 my focus this year is geared toward getting my 11 year old son his first big game harvest, he has tagged along for years and is ready. We applied for a few of the youth hunts and hopefully he will have better luck than me when it comes to drawing. Regardless of the draw this is his year.


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            I finally got my act together and did a camping/hunting trip with my boat and wall tent out of Juneau this fall. I am definitley looking forward to getting more of that done next year. Plenty of decent roadside hunting close to home that will fill the freezer but so hard to replicate some good buds, a campfire, hunting without worrying about taking out the trash the next morning etc.

            Got a few sheep tag wishes and a bison and am working towards enough points for a Wyoming elk draw (maybe 2016). But, will likely be with the boys in DLG for moose in September, I skipped this year for the first time in 9 years and it hurt more than I thought.

            If my job didn't interfere so much in May, I'd like to do some blackbear hunting and camping as well, but April May and June are not mine to command as of late.


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              With limited funds this year (wife going to school) I plan on skipping the air taxi and taking the truck. Have been training 5 times a week to stay in shape for the Mtns.

              I hope to access several areas by foot and let the boot leather take me up and beyond (and hopefully away from other hunters). I also purchased a Go light tent and plan to hike that up with me and stay a night or 2 to up the odds.

              I think one of the things that I enjoy most about hunting is the prep time involved. Contacting old buddies and sharing upcoming hunt plans over a beer or two. All the physical and mental training that comes into play. Taking the rifles out for a stretch and ensuring everything's ready-to-roll. My dad randomly calling me up and asking questions on gear or letting me know how an area looks for the upcoming year. It truly is a lifestyle and is a year-round that is constantly on mind and in in my blood.

              Ohh it normal to already be having dreams about which tags I drew?roud: That usually doesn't start until late Jan lol.

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                Kodiak Goat, Delta Bison, Chugach Sheep..... maybe 2015 is the year. if not, then its harvest tags for moose at the same spot its always been. and thats just fine too
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                  I really really need to get after a sheep, but not this year. Just not enough vacation time....1 week at lake powell with wife and friends in June, next big trip will be to Minto for moose (using bow), and then an elk hunt in montana with family in which the goal will be to get the wife in close for a good shot on her first elk.


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                    Looking Forward to Drawing a Goat Permit in Kodiak and getting my First Goat. I am also hoping to go on a Float plan down to Sitkinak and camping out for a week to take home some deer.


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                      Have a Alaska Range sheep hunt planned for my 14 year old daughter and this year (2015) I bring a good hunting buddy to my moose camp for a try at a big moose. Then to Kodiak for some deer. Hope to slow things down a bit in 2016 and focus on taking time off just for moose and for the first time taking a period of time off for trapping..


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                        Originally posted by hoose35 View Post
                        Just curious what hunts in 2015 you all are looking forward to.
                        I dearly look forward to every fall hunting season, and have for as long as I can remember. But I try not to get too excited about any particular hunt until I KNOW I can actually Life can really throw you some curves. Like last year......never planned on getting pneumonia.
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                          My 2015 is starting strong with an eider hunt in Rhode Island on the 9th of January then spring snows in Missouri for March after that it's spring black bears then hunting fish and after that it's hopefully a sheep hunt that is still in the planning stage, deer, fall bear and then bring on the ducks.. Right now that's the plan unless I have to change it up if I get lucky and draw a tag for next year


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