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Chena hot springs road

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  • Chena hot springs road

    Are there any decent roads or unmarked trails off of chena hot springs road to push back further for the fortymile herd if they are even there?

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    There are a couple of Marked trails but Most of them are Unmarked & behind locked gates.

    I just bought 40 acres way back on the West fork & the trails look Ok but it is a LONG way to get up to the Caribou.

    It would be shorter to go in from the Steese & cross birch creek if that area is still open.

    We went up on the Winter hunt 2 day opener & got 2 really nice bulls.

    Everybody we saw had a Bou.

    We saw about 800 head.

    RJ Simington
    PRO Taxidermy Fairbanks
    Custom Taxidermy, Experience the difference !!


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      Thanks for the help, the hotline says that the area is closed north and west of birch creek so I guess I could.


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        When you say it would be easier to go up the steese and cross birch creek, what side of the highway are you referring to because birch creek does run along both sides, it says the area is only closed north and west of birch creek but it's unclear to me which side of the highway they are referring to.


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