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If i had only 3 choices for hunting rounds in AK....

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    Originally posted by Daveinthebush View Post
    Like I should of said: If you can hunt, all you need is a bow. :nyanya:
    Oh, ok.....I didn't realize you've killed sheep and goats with your bow. Would like to see those pics for sure...!!!

    Not saying you can't as I know one member here that's killed a goat with an arrow. But he hasn't jumped in and said that's all you
    Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!


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      22lr, 12 ga, any round 30 cal or more able to take game to 300 yards and reasonably able to find component or ammo for (30-06, 300 WSM, 300 win mag, 300 RUM, 325 WSM, 338 win mag, 338-06, 35 Whelen, 375 Ruger, 375 HH). Top 3 hunting rifles would be in order: 300win, 30-06, 375HH based on ease of finding ammo and versatility.


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        Originally posted by 4merguide View Post
        Why the change of heart...??? Just make up your mind dang
        Well as much as love the versatility of the 416, I just think the 45 caliber bullets would be easier to get here in Alaska.
        Alaskan expat, civil engineer, FAA consultant.


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