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  • New Technology, New Choices, All out confusion

    I'm looking at getting a GPS here in the near future. I've searched the forums and have read a bit, but still have confusion and technology has still progressed. Going to the Garmin website isn't helpful at all as the only things I can differ from is the more expensive handheld models have cameras or bigger screens. I cannot find the difference for things such as Montana 650t vs 650.

    My primary uses would be for for snowmachining, four wheeling, fly out hunts such as float trips.

    Features I'm looking for is the ability to download maps that I can see the game management units. What property I'm on and other basic features that are handy to know such as elevation changes and the ability to mark trails, track your path.

    If price wasn't a concern, what Garmin am I looking at? Always like features

    Thanks for the help!

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    Couple facts:
    Garmin makes the easiest to use GPSs.
    Touch screens suck batteries.
    Enloop 2600mAH rechargeable batteries have saved me money.
    Rarely do you need an altimeter and compass, which just cost extra.
    Even though some are made to float, good luck finding it in AK silty rivers; smaller and lighter is better.
    Just got a Black Friday deal on an Etrex 20, which has everything I need and everything you said you need.
    Amazon $149.
    EXTRA: keeping it on tracking everywhere you go lets you figure out how long sections of river, trail, snowmachine, etc. took, and you can geotag all your photos.


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      I have a rhino 530 and really like it. Takes a few minutes to learn how to use but it's handy. A little bigger than the etrex I believe but still fits in a coat pocket.


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        New Technology, New Choices, All out confusion

        I have a Magellan and a Garmin Oregon. The Magellan is annoying as heck to use compared to the Garmin. I wouldn't buy a touch screen again, it's ok but my other Garmin with buttons works way easier with gloves.

        The "t" at the end of the Garmin models indicates it comes with topo maps pre loaded.

        All but the most basic garmins will accept user maps.

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          I have the Etrex 20 Alaska bundle for sale in the for sale forum. I loved it but just wanted a gps with a camera. Also look into the onXmaps card for your gps.


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            I use an app called GPS Kit(HD) with my iPhone and iPad. You don't need cell service. These smart devices are gps enabled. While at home and connected to wifi I download satellite maps before going to a new area. It's really an amazing and super easy to use gps. The tracks save or you can email them. I download them to Google Earth and keep a running log of different adventures. My Garmin is so tiny and hard to operate I'd almost rather go without. I bought an external battery to charge my iPhone and iPad while in the field. The app was about $15.

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              Text me dumby
              Grab a friend, a rifle and go hunt.


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                I am currently trying a free 6 day trial of on-x hunt. It is pretty neat because it has the game management units and property ownership.

                Petty neat..I foresee buying multiple state maps.
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