Aug/Sept 2015 Caribou Hunt



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  • Aug/Sept 2015 Caribou Hunt

    First time posting here, but I have been reading and learning for over a year now from this forum, before finally joining so I could post.

    With that said, I have viewed some of the "stickies" as far as beginning to plan a hunt. This trip will be with my 73 year old grandfather. He did a 10-day fly in moose hunt 10 years ago and since I am up here and he was one of the reasons I got into hunting at a young age, I want to do something big one more time before he gets to old.

    Hunt: Caribou w/ small game as a side
    Where: 26B (where the bou are heading)
    When: August or September
    Length: 1 week or less
    Planning for Fly in/out
    Weapon: Bow for me, BLR 30-06 for him and me as a back up
    Purpose: For memories, delicious caribou meat, and hopefully something to hang on the wall.

    Money isn't an issue for this hunt, just prefer to stay around $3-4k/person.

    So to save a little money and enjoy the scenery, I want to drive up to Happy Valley and fly out of there if the cost makes sense.

    Our unknowns are:
    Guided or unguided
    Exact dates
    Get grizz tag maybe?
    Gear needed

    Have you done something similar?
    What insights do you have or recommendations?
    Maybe the best way to get a good deal on the flight and not pay $1500/person for a flight?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated. Don't think you can PM me, but if you want to share any info or suggestions I can just post my e-mail.

    Thanks so much,

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    Welcome to the forum! You are in the right place. Do you live in Alaska? I think your plans are looking pretty good thus far. I would keep doing research on the forum on this particular hunt. I feel confident that you will find every question you have on here. FYI this is a very popular hunt and driving to happy valley is no walk in the park. I would give 70 degrees north a call they can hook you up with details and prices. Best of luck to you and your grandfather on a hunt next year!



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      Thanks, i'll keep grooming the forum. Yes, I have been in FAI for 2 years now. I actually made the drive up to SCC Labor Day weekend. Made it to pump station 2 in 7.5 hours, then took our time looking for bou the rest of the way to SCC. Almost connected with a bou, but I went with no expectations. Mostly as a learning trip like the whole year was for bear baiting and moose hunting as well.


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        Good plan so far. We did this hunt in 2013.
        You don't need a guide for this one. We went at the end of August and that seemed about right.


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          Flight costs are going to be pretty similar between outfitters. Be aware that the more game you take, the more the flight will cost. Its charged by air time, so every time that plane's in the air, it costs you. Each large bull caribou will add as much as 250 lbs to your load, with antlers being strapped to the struts of the aircraft. In a supercub that means the caribou gets his own charter flight home.


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