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    I haven't posted in a while and this might get moved but I have to share this. As a customer, I have never been treated better by a company. Last February I ordered a 12 man tipi, half liner and stove from Seek Outside for a moose hunt in September. I paid $60 extra for them to seam seal the tent. I didn't get a chance test it until August. The tent leaked like crazy. I contacted Kevin, the owner, and we both agreed the wrong seam sealer was used. It was a simple mix up. Kevin immediately sent me the correct sealer, apologized and told me he would give me credit. I ordered another half liner thinking he might credit the $60 but he sent me the $175 half liner free of charge.

    I set the tent up in my yard and seam sealed it myself. I came home the next day from work and stood in the front yard admiring the tent. I heard the front door of our house open behind me and a familiar "Thump". A flash of red streaked past me. I screamed in slow motion "Noooo!" as I watched the big red ball my daughter #3 had just kicked go rolling up the side of the new tent with our 80 pound yellow lab "Buddy" in hot pursuit. 3 seconds of chaos and it was over. There stood my new tent with a large gaping hole and only a week until I needed to ship it out for our hunt. I contacted Kevin and gave him the news and told him I would send him the tent to be repaired after I returned. He offered to send me a new tent! I was blown away by his offer but knew there wasn't enough time. We took one of my old tents on the hunt and I shipped the 12 man to Kevin when I returned.

    About 3 weeks later, I received a brand new tent!!! No charge!!! Seek Outside had every right to charge me for the repairs to my tent and they certainly had no obligation to replace it. If you are looking for a made in the USA company that stands behind their gear and goes the extra mile for their customers then I strongly recommend Kevin and Angie at Seek Outside.

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    You are
    the second person I have talked to this year that has had excellent service from them. Thanx for the heads up.


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