POW or Kodiak island Blacktail?



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  • POW or Kodiak island Blacktail?

    I am tentatively planning a deer hunt either on Prince of Wales Island or Kodiak island for Blacktail. I'm looking for some deer hunters advice on which island to go to. Which one has a better success rate for a nice buck? On POW is a boat rental or a car rental a better bet? Thxs!
    And a side note, is there any chance of gettn a big deer left Prince William sound?

    (this hunt would happen late oct or mid nov)

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    There's no deer in SE anymore, hard pressed to find one on Kodiak either - stay in PWS.... I hear of toads getting hauled out of there all the time!

    Just kidding. There are deer on both. Traveling by car on POW may be the best bet as far as area hunted/time. If you are going during the time period you described the rut may just be starting in the north but fully underway in the south. If nothing shaking up north can move south or vice versa. If you still cant find a deer then you can be mad at yourself instead of a pilot or boat operator. Also, much more difficult to move camp on foot in Kodiak and less of a headache in car than in a boat, ESPECIALLY if you are not familiar with the territory or marine boating - not every rock is marked on the chart, around POW there are too many rocks and not enough chart to fit them all on anyways. Also, I tend to worry about tides and wind and such is a lot less when I have a car firmly parked on terra firma. The mobility and potential access to cell coverage on POW is nice to get current weather forecasts as this time of year the weather can get real nasty real quick. Those perks of car hunting are great, but remember that there will be more competition on the road system. Google-earth imagery can lead you to remote-ish areas and hike around in timber from there, however in some spots the imagery is several years old and what looks like a nice patch of timber on-screen may in fact be a logged out blast zone.

    If you blow a deer call on Kodiak have your buddy watch your back...


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      ....cause your buddy's gonna see the big bucks!!
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