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Applying for 2015 Permits

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  • Applying for 2015 Permits

    When I applied/purchased for the draws that I wish for, I couldn't purchase a new license for next year. But I was allowed to purchase the draw permits. Is this normal?

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    Probably based on you having a license for this year. You can't hunt any of those hunts unless you have the license for that year anyways and you should probably purchase that in Dec. well before the draws happen anyways.

    I can't apply for one hunt because it is a muzzle or bow and it wants my muzzle cert. number even though I entered my bow cert.

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      I'm hoping that is true, I entered my wife's draws and purchased her license (she didn't get one for 2014). I do remember that last year I enter my draws in December, so maybe.


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        I've always purchased next year's license when I apply for the draw. That's strange that you weren't able to. I wouldn't worry about it, as you can apply with this year's license, but still...strange.


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          Yeah I am gonna stop by the Palmer office this week and talk to them just to be safe.


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            UPDATE: In a strange turn of events, I decided to go back and try to purchase my license.....and it worked!!! It had me thinking with the Daylihjt savings and all the issues were are having at work to try again. But, I couldn't purchase waterfowl stamp?, odd.


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              Just a tech note... You only need to have a current license when applying for the tags. You don't actually have to have your license for the time of the hunt at the time you buy your lottery ticket (some hunts are well over a year after you apply for the tags, so you could be using the tag 2 year's licenses down the road). If you win a tag, you must have a current license at the time of the actual hunt, which will be a differnce license than the one you had when you applied for the hunt. Clear as mud, right?
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                Yup, I bought mine yesterday. Got my 2015 license and most of the permits I'm applying for. I've done it this way for a few years now. As a word of caution, if you're doing party hunts with different people (say one friend for moose and one friend for sheep), you have to buy them separately. It will try to put the same two people on everything.


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