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    Is a 14 foot skiff with a 20 hp Honda outboard big enough for moose hunting on the Tanana River?

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    Originally posted by DanielBasargin View Post
    Is a 14 foot skiff with a 20 hp Honda outboard big enough for moose hunting on the Tanana River?
    I asked a friend about the Tanana earlier this year. I plan on bringing a 16-20 ft jon with 35-50hp down this summer and I was going to take the Tanana to the Yukon to my village. He said that I would be ok, but watch the shallow water.

    So I assume the 20HP would be fine. Would it be ideal? depends on how fast you want to go.


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      Don't plan to go upstream with a full load with that light of a boat. My dad and his buddy shot a bull quite some time back on the Tanana downstream from Fairbanks. They weren't able to motor back upstream, so they had to head to Nenana. I think they had a 16 foot flat bottom with a 20 horse.


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        I took a 14ft inflatable with a 20 hp honda on the tanana last year moose hunting. With two other guys I was making 7 mph back upstream. With a moose I would have been making significantly less. It was an inappropriate rig for the job. The river moves pretty quickly and there are very few places to pull over on the bank because of the downed trees.

        Dont get me wrong, id do it again, but if i had the funds to increase the hp i would.


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          Click image for larger version

Name:	image.jpg
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ID:	2493066This is an 18' with 70 hp jet. 2 guys camp and one moose. I'm glad we were going downriver. I could not imagine where we would put everything in a smaller boat.


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            Originally posted by DanielBasargin View Post
            Is a 14 foot skiff with a 20 hp Honda outboard big enough for moose hunting on the Tanana River?
            I have no 1st hand knowledge of the river but have been picking folks brains on it. Seems a big part of the equation is what part of the river you will be on... That might help folks give you a clearer answer.
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              I did it the last week of moose season this year in a 15' with a 10 hp. Solo trip, solo camp,(Admittedly, my "camp" was a little heavy, and so am I.) , 700 lbs for everything. Some spots in the river I was going 9mph up stream and some sports 4mph. Covered 32 miles in 6.5 hours going upstream. Had I actually shot a moose, it would have taken me two trips and probably three days to get it and my camp back to Nenana. I'm actually kind of happy I didn't get a moose.

              I was nervous the whole trip. Water is so dirty that you can't see even an inch below the surface. You could be in 1" or 100 ft of water, you won't know till you start hitting bottom. I hit bottom a lot. It is also difficult to tell which channel to take, even with a USGS map. I never saw a small boat out there (smallest I saw was probably a 17 footer with 50 hp and all the boats had at least a canvas top), and a couple folks at the Nenana boat ramp said I was crazy to go out in such a small boat.

              I won't be going out on that river again in a small boat or alone. Too dangerous.


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                I did a fair bit of up and down river treks on the Tanana above Delta Junction. I had a 18í with a 105 Honda jet. The important thing was I always had enough power to get myself out of any situation I floated into. There are too many log jams that scared the breakfast out of me on that river. I have great respect for water and especially going out on salt. But rivers have no sympathy for mistakes. If you canít throttle up on a river that you are under powered than should reconsider your choice of HP and vessel.

                Just my nickel.
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                  The old timers did it with a lot less HP!:think: I have run the Tanana up&down river form ENN in a 19' grumman with a 15HP two guys. Get off the river if you meet a barge!:topjob: It's much better with more HP and a bigger boat! Go up river if you except to get a moose!


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                    If anyone's interested ive got a clean little 25 Yamaha long shaft for sale. It needs a new prop but runs good. $600

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