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  • Who's shooting a .280?

    Thinking about building one. Not sure what route to take.... 280 Rem vs. 280ai, weight, barrel length, etc

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    Originally posted by Dooger View Post
    Thinking about building one. Not sure what route to take.... 280 Rem vs. 280ai, weight, barrel length, etc
    Since the AI chamber will shoot regular old .280REM....why not AI?

    24" barrel and the AI is neck and neck with the 7mmRM.
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      I have a regular 'ol .280 (not AI) in the Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight. Love it. You don't say what you want to do with it, but recoil is light enough you can make a very lightweight gun out of it without undue suffering. Mine has a 24" barrel also, and I see no reason to go with anything different.


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        Had one years ago, one of the original Ruger 77's. Regret getting rid of it.
        As said above, I'd probably opt for the AI version, if given a choice.


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          Looking for a donor gun right now. No plans beyond a rebarrel, but it will be the 280AI for sure. Had one 280 or another over the years, and loved everyone of them and always regretted letting them go. No sense to it other than itchy feet. When I get my donor and rebarrel it, I'll likely go 22", but it's not going to leave my house. This one will be a keeper.
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            I bought one of the Rem 700 CDL SS Limited Edition models in 280 a few years back, didn't like the trigger so slapped in a timney and mounted a Lupy 3.5 x 10 w customized turret, Its a real tack driver, hope some day to put it to use on an antelope and mule deer. I can not really see a reason to go on up to a 280AI as this std 280 will shoot farther than I can.
            I think the AI advantages have been more or less erased with all the modern powder and bullet choices available today IMO.
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              Have a Ruger chambered in .280 and love it. Have taken both moose and caribou with it. My wife took a moose this year at 200+ yards with factory ammo, took out both lungs and the top of the heart. Last caribou I hit with it folded on the spot. Great round and the recoil is very moderate, the 280 was my choice to start my girls with, one at 11 years old.

              The 280 has been overlooked for some reason, the first moose I ever packed out was taken with a 280, 20+ years ago.


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                Thanks so far... Looking at using some sort of 280 as my big game rifle, but I already have a moose/bear gun if I ever get the chance.

                Keep em' coming!


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                  Bought the wife a Kimber in 280AI, launches 140 grain NABs at around 3K, combined with a Swaro 4x12x50 with Ballistic Turret, it gives me over 600 yards on the custom dial for this load.

                  Proved effective so far.

                  Wife used it for her first ram 400 plus yard shot.

                  Kinda grew on me after all that load work so I used it this year.

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                    Seems like you should get more than 3000 though. Barrel length issue?


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                      I used to shoot a .280. Very versatile caliber. Took Moose and Sheep with it. Had a love/hate affair with the rifle though, and ended up selling it as it just didn't fit me well. It would always be left behind when I went sheep hunting as my Tikka in 7MMRM just fit me so much better. Having said all that, and having shot a .280 AI, I would stick with the straight .280. Shooting an AI and a 7mmRM is essentially the same recoil and performance wise, why go to the bother of the AI, which is essentially a 7MMRM? The .280 is much friendlier recoil wise in a lightweight gun, and will do whatever you need it to.
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                        Thanks for the input Yukoner. That's sort of what I'm looking for. That's why I left the thread title open ended.

                        I'm just not sure what route to take as of right now. I'm going to build it on a SS Rem M700 receiver. I'll have time to decide though as it'll take a while to get everything together.

                        Too many choices...


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                          Less case stretch with the AI
                          4 in the mag with the AI
                          can shoot regular 280
                          Same recoil as 280 when shooting 280 ammo
                          Can be loaded to near 7mmRM velocity
                          No belt

                          If I was going to cut a chamber in a .284 tube I can't come up with a good reason not to go with the AI.


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                            I have a 280 Rem. in the Remington mountain rifle, it is a light weight skinny barrel, with a Weaver Steel lite scope. I use it as my mountain rifle when packing in. It has shot well every time I needed it to. I have a Browning Titinium 7mm wsm that I am going to try out on the next hunt, so I do not have a comparison yet. Even with the skinny barrel, it shoots great. 22" barrel and easy to pack.


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