Northern Lights, mid-September in the Brooks?



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  • Northern Lights, mid-September in the Brooks?

    Is getting a glimpse of some Northern Lights near the Brooks Range on mid-September nights a reasonable expectation? If you have pics of them, post 'em up!

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    We've been getting them here in Fairbanks for the past few weeks, so no reason that the Brooks shouldn't have some showing up too. I don't have any pics though...sorry


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      There is a tour company called Northern Alaska Tour Company that has a northern lights tour. They are based out of Fairbanks. They run up to Coldfoot and then up to the Arctic circle just to see the Northern lights.


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        You should have a real good chance at seeing the lights in Sept. up there.

        Sept. 4th, Coldfoot, AK

        Click image for larger version

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          All it takes is darkness and a little solar flare activity on the sun. But yes, mid-September is in the aurora zone.
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            Been seeing them here on the Kenai Peninsula 1am ish looking NW the past few nights...




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              Thanks for the info everyone. Frosty, those pics are fantastic. Gives me chills. A buddy and I have been planning a trip for moose/bou in 2016. It's a long way off yet, but I can't help but feel the anticipation. The splendor of that scenery alone is worth the trip.


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                Here is a pic from Anchorage last year.

                I was up hunting near Eagle in mid-September this year and the auroras were strong enough that we saw them before it was even dark. It was pretty crazy. At first I thought it was a cloud, but it was moving so much, and then they were all over the sky. We continued to watch as it got dark and they were everywhere. I saw them in Wasilla a couple years ago in August as well when they were really strong, so I imagine the Brooks would be an ideal spot to view them from.

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